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In an atmosphere full of fervor and praise, the Shekinah choir

 In an atmosphere full of fervor and praise, the Shekinah choir of the Parc Chrétien Free Methodist Church marked its 18th anniversary...
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Loutchina Decius, The Rising Diva of Haitian Christian Music…

: The Rising Diva of Haitian Christian Music

Last Sunday, November 29, Le Villate witnessed an extraordinary musical event. The Christian singer , who is becoming the industry's rising diva Haitian, carried out his 6th signature sales concert. This event was not only spectacular, but also a true celebration of faith through music.

Among the highlights of the evening, we can cite the performance of the Groups Dose Divine, Holy Music and singer Stanley Georges. Their presence added a special touch to this event, creating a memorable atmosphere for all the spectators present.

However, the real queen of the evening was undoubtedly . His captivating voice, his charismatic stage presence and his towards Christian music made her the undisputed star of the evening. She offered an exceptional musical moment, captivating the audience with songs full of faith and passion.

, with his undeniable talent, is leaving an indelible mark on the world of Haitian Christian music. His 6th signature sales concert at Le Vilate was a testimony to his rise to power and his ability to bring the faithful together around inspiring music. His career promises to shine brighter and brighter, bringing a message of faith and hope through his angelic voice.

Fans and fans of Haitian Christian music can expect many more incredible performances from this rising diva in the years to come.

Cp: ​​Julispeter Julis
Edited by: Peter Julis

Source: Semence Média – Facebook page

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