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When Francette O. Noel Places These Wishes For The Seven Years Of “KOZE KRETYEN”.

As a prelude to the seven-year celebration of , the appreciations of certain artists do not stop increasing with regard to the latter.

In the sights of , wishes, praise and thanks were expressed by certain artists who are participating in this major concert scheduled for Saturday July 8, 2023. This is the case for the singer .

Who is Francette?

Born July 28, Married woman and mother of two children, Francette Obel NOËL has been singing since she was little. From the age of 8, she was the leader of a group from her church during a concert. Heiress of her mother in music, she embraced her career after taking part in an international competition in 2011.

After its in WoW (Women of Worship) and PRE LAKWA in 2016, she wanted to release an album at all costs. Despite three attempts with three different producers following an accident, this dream unexpectedly did not see the light of day. Back to school in 2017, Francette released a music in 2022, titled “Mwen pa yon aksidan”, she is also present in several concerts and is preparing the release of her first album soon.

These statements for the work of KOZE KRETYEN

For 7 years of , Francette did not hide her journey with this online media by her satisfaction through a shooting during an activity. She salutes their efforts, because they give another color to the sector and their work is outstanding.

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“yo pa fè l paske yo renmen l, men yo fè l paske se misyon Bondye ba yo, yo fè l ak tout kè yo,” mentioned the singer.

Francette Obel Noël informed that she will give the best of herself during this anniversary concert in order to Glorify the name of God and that the public will emerge edified.
She asks that God do something extraordinary through each person who will have to contribute to the success of this celebration.
She hopes that every media in this medium focuses on the work of God first and to collaborate together despite the different visions, because the primary objective is to support the sector. .

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