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Limoblaze – “Silent Night” – AfroGospel Christmas Song

Reach Records is kicking off the holidays of 2022 by rolling out multiple 116 singles for your seasonal playlists. The first was " Silent night (hush)”, featuring Crystal Nicole & Q Parker (112), followed by “Silent Night (Afrobeats)”, performed by AfroGospel rising star Limoblaze, Rehmahz and Emandiong, with additional vocals from Jordan Dollar. “Silent Night (Afrobeats)” was produced by Happi, Dunnie, Tumeh “DJ Tag” Gailor and Lasanna “ACE” Harris. Both performances celebrate the birth of Jesus with musical approaches that depart sharply from the classical.

Since entering the AfroGospel scene, Limoblaze has blazed a trail globally as one of the leading voices in the AfroGospel genre, receiving widespread industry praise and a growing list of accolades! “The limousine is the future!” » expresses Reach Records president and co-founder Lecrae. “He bridges the gap between Afrobeats and Gospel!” He is what the industry is missing and what the world needs!

The Nigerian-born, UK-based musician,…

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