4th June 2023

Man will never be fair enough to purify himself

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Man will never be righteous enough to purify himself unless he accepts God's only offer to wash away his sins: salvation through the blood of his son, Jesus.

Salvation is the work accomplished on the cross by Jesus-Christ, whether accepted by faith or rejected by unbelief. Salvation is to enter into a true relationship with ourselves, with others and with GodBy prayer and through community life and this will continue after our death. Because, to remain in the salvation of God, one must remain in the faith and remain attached to him.

Anyone who chooses to receive the gift of salvation must simply make the decision to accept the blood of the cross.

Friends! We have nothing to lose, but everything to gain by entering into this relationship. with God. Once this bond is strengthened, it will give us the power to let go of the forces that hold us captive and to clean up. Thus we will be granted salvation forever in the presence of God.

This week we are discussing the term “Grace” which is an undeserved favor from the Lord to man. The grace of God invites us to a life of obedience and holiness. Let us do our best to practice the life he wants and loves for his children.

Have a good Sunday and a good week in the Lord and that sthanks be with you!


Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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