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The Stranger, Claude Louissaint (audio and Lyrics)

The Stranger - Claude Louissaint - Lyrics

Without worry under his cloak of grace
In heaven I go up there take my place
Inundated with the love of my Savior
Waves of freshness are breaking in my heart
More proud than the eagle the condor
I fly to the heavens
The omnipotence of God's arms
Surrounds me and makes me strong
I am more than a winner.
In the valley of shadow and death
I walk without trembling because he is with me
My dad has already targeted my passport
Up there with open arms waiting for me
The angels of heaven can not understand
This infinite grace
Who carries me soul to scream
Hosanna! Hosanna!
I'm more than a winner
In the arms of my Savior
One day I will be able to sing
Glory to God Hallelujah!
All my sins are erased
Then my sins are erased
So I can scream
And here I can sing
Thank you Lord, Hallelujah
Evil is forever banished
Glory to your name, Hallelujah
All my sins are erased

I am a sacrifice, Enock Bahwere (live)

Source: Praise to the Lord, Mahalaleel

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