5th June 2023

Airstrips of Blessing - Joel Spinks

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We must not only declare the promises but also discern THE SPECIFIC TRACKS that God has prepared for BLESSING to land (manifest) in our lives!

Deut. 28: 8 - The Lord will command the blessing to be with you in your barns and in all your businesses.

The blessing is ordered by god, it is our heritage as children of God. Granaries are having a surplus, being blessed beyond our needs to bless others in return.

Gal. 3:13 - Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law ...

A track for our ministry:

We must create a trail for our ministry: Let us serve God by loving people, by being faithful to what He asks of us.

Luke 16:10 is a spiritual law. God will entrust greater things to us when we are faithful in the small. God is looking for available people who love His Church. He blesses obedience not just activity. Let us ask ourselves what we can give to the church, if what we are doing is in His will.

A track for our finances:

Prov. 13:11 - Ill-gotten wealth diminishes, but he who accumulates little by little increases it.

For example, lottery tickets (what you get quickly) dissolves quickly! We should not limit ourselves with our income. Let us listen to God to receive His strategies for our finances. Let us protect ourselves by putting ourselves under the umbrella of blessing. Let’s tithe our income. It belongs to His house. We can create an airstrip by seeds, by what we give.

Whatever our need, ask goodbye what to do for the blessing to manifest. The confession of the Word is not enough! We must also act according to the directives of God.

2 Thes. 3:10 - God calls us to work. He wants us active.

A track for our spiritual fulfillment:

Ez. 34:17 to 22 - We can be rich in knowledge of His word (be spiritually overweight), be rich in potential, and spend nothing. The message that will change our life is the one we put into practice.

There are good practices: prayer, meditating on the Word, declaring promises and there is the wrong practice of always waiting for God to do things for us.

Jc. 2:14: 18 - Faith works by works. God calls us to action.

Ex. 14:15 - The miracle happened when Moses acted as God directed.

Mc.16:15 - The mandate of the Church is to go and love. We preach with our lives.

2 Cor. 3:3 – We are living letters, mouthpieces for God, advertisement for Jesus.

What can be done to bless the blessing in your lives? :

1 - Priez. Ask goodbye to show you where there is darkness, where you must shine. We are lights. A pastor from Ukraine said that when Christians are too much together, they dazzle each other, get annoyed, attack each other because the light is too highly concentrated! They must go out and meet the needs of society by getting involved in all spheres of society.

2 - Be prepared to hear His answer.

3 - Take action; make a concrete gesture to meet the revealed need. Your gifts and talents can be used for the advancement of the kingdom of God!

Concretely manifest love through your actions!


Notes for Life EVQ Groups, by Laura LeBlanc

Church of the Victoire from Quebec, message of July 13, 2014

Pastor Joël Spinks

Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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