29th May 2023

Healthier skin by eating more fruits and vegetables

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To attract women, nothing like a diet rich in fruits and vegetables with high levels of carotenoids for glowing skin, according to a study from the University of Nottingham conducted in Malaysia.

The researchers who carried out this study found that men whose skin had a "golden" hue were more attractive than those who had very masculine features like a square jaw.

Psychologist Ian Stephen and his team took pictures of black and white men, and assessed the color and manhood of their facial features.

"We used this [computer] technique to mathematically compare the shape of men's faces with a sample of female faces from the same populations," Ian Stephen said in a statement.

The researchers then showed the photos to 62 women (about 50% black and 50% white) who rated the gentlemen's physical attractiveness. Regardless of the color of the men in the photos, male features were less important to women than skin tone. Note that color variations only mattered when women rated men from their own ethnic group: they seemed insensitive to color differences among men from another ethnic group, the researchers said.

According to Ian Stephen, the golden complexion of the most attractive men comes from the carotenoids in the fruits and vegetables they eat. He adds that these pigments are good for health and fertility. The study was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

"Our research shows that being healthy is the best way for men to look attractive," says Ian Stephen. "We know that you can achieve a healthier skin tone by consuming more fruits and vegetables, which is a good start to achieving this."

This new study is based on previous research conducted by Ian Stephen and his team, published in December 2010 in the same review, which showed that people who ate five additional servings of fruit and vegetables a day were considered more attractive because of the golden hue that carotenoïodes gave them. skin.

Last Friday, the site LiveScience reported that previous studies suggest that heterosexual women find men with manly faces (high cheekbones, full eyebrows, square jawline) to be the most attractive, especially during ovulation.

source: Rtl.be


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