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6 excuses for getting into a relationship with a non-believer

The 6 excuses we give ourselves for dating a pagan!

A few years ago, I had a serious opportunity to marry someone who didn't quite share my faith. He was a good man, serious, ambitious, charitable and who expressed a very serious interest in me. Except that I couldn't commit to a person with whom I couldn't live my life. . It was God or nothing. And I wouldn't be writing this article today if I had gotten into this relationship. My life and my destiny took a completely different turn.

Our problem is that we don't understand that there is a clear line between us and the pagans. These are people that God created; and He loves them and we love them. But we are not from the same Kingdom. It's not mean or arrogant to think that, it's just the truth. We cannot associate with them, in a context like that of romantic relationships which must lead to marriage, which constitutes a significant alliance. And even without marriage, we can find ourselves in many problems because of this type of association. We must therefore absolutely avoid giving ourselves excuses to go out with a pagan.

2 6: 14-15 (LSG) «Ne vous mettez pas avec les infidèles sous un joug étranger. Car quel rapport y at-il entre et l'iniquité? Ou qu'y at-il de commun entre la lumière et les ténèbres? Quel accord y at-il entre Christ et Bélial? ou quelle part a le fidèle avec l'infidèle? ».

Here are some excuses we usually give ourselves:

He's a good person!

Indeed, he was a good person. She was to the point that I was filled with admiration for her. When the enemy wants to lure you away from God, he does not generally come to offer you a detestable person, nor a wicked person, whom you would flee at the first meeting, no! He offers you the best he has. It offers you what every woman/man is looking for. And just like in certain contracts that we sign, without taking the time to read the notices written in small font in a room, somewhere downstairs; he will hide well this indication which is the most important: The person is not Christian.

Listen to this: you don't get into a romantic relationship with a pagan! Even if the person is the most wonderful person on the planet. If she doesn't share your faith in Christ, she will either corrupt you and alienate you from God, or you will end up becoming two adversaries living under the same roof, if the relationship works out. All these good qualities will then give way to endless arguments, simply because you do not belong to the same Kingdom. And this is where you will understand with pain that there is a big difference between a child of God and a good person. Because yes, there is a difference!!! One is born of God, regenerated, subject to God and the other is far from God, subject to the enemy of our souls. And this is the zone of all dangers!

We're just going to go out for a bit, it won't go far !

It’s a trap, beloved!!! We don't play with fire. You should not stick your head into a matter that you know in advance is abnormal. You will quickly find yourself imprisoned, your heart will engage quickly and feelings will be born; you will no longer be able to resist and you will sink. You don't start something when you're not ready to finish it. Be clear with this man who is chasing you from the start, when you already know very well that he is not a Christian. You must explain very frankly to this young woman who is pursuing you that you cannot maintain such a relationship with her. Because if you take one step today in this relationship, you will take many more later, until you are trapped like that young man in the book of proverbs:

Proverbs 7:7-8, 21-23 (NKJV) “I saw among the foolish, I noticed among the young men a boy devoid of understanding. He passed in the street, near the corner where one of these strangers was standing, And he walked slowly towards her home (…) She seduced him with words, she lured him away with her sweet lips. He suddenly began to follow her, like an ox going to the butcher, like a madman who is bound to punish him, until an arrow pierces his liver, like a bird that rushes in the net, without knowing that it is at the cost of his life"

I'll share my faith with him and lead him to change !

Si tu veux partager ta foi avec une personne, il faut s'assurer que c'est juste cela que tu veux faire. Les intentions doivent être claires pour tous les deux. Les circonstances doivent être claires également. On n'accepte pas les avances d'un païen sous prétexte qu'on veut lui parler de l'évangile. On ne se met pas en relation amoureuse avec une femme qui ne partage pas notre foi parce qu'on dit qu'on veut lui parler du Seigneur. Parle-lui d'abord du Seigneur, en évitant toute confusion. Et si des sentiments sont déjà dans ton cœur à propos de l'autre personne, il vaut mieux la confier à quelqu'un d'autre pour ne pas te mettre en position délicate.

My faith will not be affected !

This is where we deceive ourselves, because no one is too strong not to fall. No one has faith that cannot fail, especially when it comes to dating where everything can quickly change. You will be influenced consciously or not, because we often become similar to the people we hang out with. It is not by dating an unconverted person that you will progress in your faith, the opposite will happen. You will lose your good reflexes; you will be understood towards the and debauchery, because the person opposite is not going to encourage you to lead a life of holiness; it will rather be an occasion for you to fall. You will drift away from brothers and sisters in faith, lose your taste for the things of God, and you will begin to slide away from God. The sneaky thing about all this is that it's a process that evolves little by little, and you won't realize it until you've already fallen into the hole.

The Bible is clear when It says in 1 15:33 (KJV) “Do not be deceived: the corrupted good morals. ". Better to run away than play with fire!

It's the same God after all !

It's an excuse that comes out before finding yourself in front of a person of a religion other than the . We say to ourselves that after all, we all seek the same God. We can try to get along. It is true that there is only one God in Heaven, but what is also true for every Christian is that there is only ONE way to this God. And it is the Lord Jesus Christ! So, if a person considers going through other means to reach this God, he can in no case present for you, a person with whom you associate.

John 14:6 (KJV) “Jesus said unto him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. »

What if I don't find another person?

It is also a question that can push us, despite everything, to engage in relationships with a person who is not yet converted. Sometimes the wait can be very long, it's true; but don't despair! What would have been the point of waiting all this time, only to end up getting yourself into trouble? What was all your resistance and perseverance for? Don't let the devil lie to you, making you believe that this is the only chance you have left, to get into a relationship. Continue to rely on the Lord, continue to hope in Him. His goodness is not exhausted and his compassions are not at an end. God is faithful, and He will bring the person you need to you. Do not lose hope !!!

Lamentations 3:22-23 (KJV) “The lovingkindness of the LORD is not exhausted; compassions are not at their end; They are renewed every morning. Oh! How great is Your faithfulness! …”

Keep hoping in God please don’t give up!!!

Author: Dédé Creppy (Christian frequency)

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