10th June 2023

The dangers of television programs for our children!

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The dangers of television programs for our children! My brothers and sisters, Parents and future parents, We would like to sound an alarm on a danger that we consider real. In recent decades the enemy has managed to infiltrate the interior of our homes through media tools such as television, computer, tablets, laptop. My brothers and sisters, Parents and future parents

We would like to sound an alarm on a danger we consider real.

For the past few decades the enemy has succeeded in infiltrating the interior of our homes through media tools such as television, computer, tablets, laptop. We do not want to stigmatize and say that whoever uses these objects is the instrument of satan. If you use the television to inform you, watch the weather, there is no harm, any more than using the internet. On the contrary, it is a good research tool for us Christians. However most of the time these tools are used by satan to communicate with men and unconsciously infuse them with their way of life. As you already know most of the programs and programs are not the result of chance they are used as a vector of ideas, customs, values, in our mind. Today there are few television programs that will push you to believe in God and to obey the Bible. We no longer talk about God on TV except to laugh about it. As vector of messages have found two types of messages.

Clear messages

Examples: 1.) Fornication: Fornication is endorsed, and portrayed as normal. We meet a girl, we say two or three words to her and we sleep with her. The young people bring their friends or girlfriends to their parents who welcome them and give them their consent to have sexual relations under their roof. These messages will therefore fight in the subconscious of your children against the Christian values ​​that you are trying to instill in them (namely the value of a woman, modesty, chastity, sex pleasing in the sight of God. 2.) Occultism: In some cartoons or series, we are shown that the use of magic can be a good thing provided we do good with it. But it is obviously a decoy, there is no good magic, no good fairy, no good demon. Other messages are hidden in the form of rapid images, sounds or reversed words. This is called subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages

A subliminal message is a stimulus (signal) embedded in an object, designed to be perceived below the level of consciousness. Subliminal techniques are used in advertising, propaganda; the cinema, the music. In cinema, 24 images scroll by second. By inserting an image out of context (promotional, for example), it will only display 0,04 second and can not be perceived consciously by the viewer but can be recorded by the brain despite everything. At the audio level, the subliminal message can be audible, barely audible, or understandable only by speeding up or slowing down the tape's running speed. You understand that there are professionals who work hand in hand to develop these cartoons, programs, music. The entertainment industry is largely controlled by Freemasons, who are none other than satanists. Freemasonry is not a simple way of life, it is a group of satanists well placed in society, in the service of the prince of darkness. d1If you've ever seen little children in front of the television we see that they sometimes seem to be in real communion with the cartoon characters they watch. We as parents are happy to see the child take an interest in something, yet they are often imprisoned by the effect of his subliminal messages. As Christian parents we had been used since the youngest age of our son to show biblical cartoons and as long as he knew that he was happy and I can even say that he liked it . But as soon as we began to show him cartoons for baby, like Tchoupi and cuddly, thinking well to do for his awakening, he began to be less interested in biblical cartoons. We thought it was because it was a new cartoon, but over time he never tired of it. And I can tell you that even to make him pray and read his Bible we must use a lot of patience and sometimes even strategy.

What is the purpose of his television programs and his subliminal messages?

-Edit the values ​​of the child. -Corrupt your children. -Accustom to Satanism and fornication. - Push to claim some products more than others.

Do not take this lightly as these programs try to shape our children, to lead them away from God. What to do ?

-Prier to be convinced of the reality of the danger -Sanctify your houses, and get rid of these DVDs. - Explain to your children why you will not let them watch certain programs anymore. You will see that weaning will not happen easily, your child will claim these programs, he will cry, he will be almost like an alcoholic who is lacking alcohol or a drug addict who has not had his dose. And sincerely it will hurt you because you will feel that you are being too harsh and depriving the child of the freedom to choose his programs. But hold firm all this is done on purpose to make you crack. The wicked is behind all this Stand firm.


Fill this empty time with biblical cartoons, songs, make him play constructive games, read the Word of God with them and dialogue build a relationship with your children. Above all, pray for them. Don't let themind of your child in the face of this moral and spiritual pollution.

source: churchphiladelphia

Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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