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The Appreciations And Prophetic Wishes Of Yahsuko Savoy

Yahsuko Savoy's Appreciations And Prophetic Wishes For The Seven Years Of “KOZE KRETYEN”.

For the seven years anniversary of the media named » “, a host of actions are archived in their diary. Of prayer, evangelization, , citizenship, reflection, communion in the celebration, all these events testify to the gratitude of the entire team towards the Lord.

To close this celebration, a concert is scheduled for this Saturday, July 8, 2023 at Bethesda Alliance Church Ave North Lauderdale in . In an interview with , Some evangelical artists shown on the poster of this celebration, have placed their point of view with regard to » " page (in French).

Let us introduce you to the achievements of Yahsuko Savoy

From “Potem sou do” released in 2018, “SE ou n genyen” to “Je m fikse sou ou” une musique, available on iTunes where the video is projected for this month of July 2023; The singer is one of the talented singers who figure among the musical repertoire of the anniversary concert of » " page (in French).

Having many projects in progress, Yahsuko spoke about his show (broadcast) which will allow young people to grow in their spiritual life and which will be accessible on all social networks from September 2023.

His appreciation for the work of “KOZE KRETYEN”

To confirm its appreciation for the work done by this media , Yahsuko let it be known that she loves the dedication and creativity of the team” “. The passion and detail that weave through their action demonstrates their difference in the Christian community and truly proves their commitment to God's field. She also mentioned that Érick Jura's team promotes excellence while congratulating their efforts.

Savoy 1

“Se pou Bondye kontinye elaji teritwa yo; Louvri pòt opòtinite pou yo; Yo pap selman prezante men tout atis entènasyonal yo; Se pou yo konkeri mond lan, pwodui anpil atis jouk yo rive mete sou pye yon label” these are the prophetic statements uttered by the artist on the course of »  " in the years to come.

The artist affirms that the event is a tribute to the Lord for the gift and talent bestowed on Érick Jura and his team. He hopes that the public will be numerous to attend and support "KOZE KRETYEN" during this anniversary concert which marks in seven years of wonder.

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