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The Salem Church of Delmas 83 Celebrates Its 19th Anniversary

Salem Church in Delmas 83 Celebrates Its 19th Anniversary with a Day of Prayer

Saturday October 17 marked a significant event in the life of the Salem Church of Delmas 83, which proudly celebrated its 19th anniversary by organizing a memorable day of prayer.

The faithful gathered for a day of celebration marked by spirituality, worship and prayer. This celebration was the culmination of a twenty-day period of spiritual revival previously initiated by the church, and it was greeted with great fervor.

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During this day, the congregation shared moments of deep worship and sincere prayer. Songs and praises filled the church, creating an atmosphere of spiritual communion.

Pastor Yvrose M. Drouillard, who has played a central role in the history of the church since its beginnings, took the floor to share her testimony on the evolution of the Salem Church of Delmas 83 over these 19 years. She highlighted the challenges overcome, achievements made and the continued spiritual growth of the congregation. His speech was a source of for church members, encouraging them to persevere in their faith and service.

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Beyond celebrating this important milestone, this day also paved the way for new for the spiritual growth and continuity of the mission of the Salem Church.

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