The "SL" music video by Calho 1, composer compas, coming soon

Considering his participation and achievements in music Haitian artist, Calherbe Chéry dit (calho1 ti nonm kris la), is preparing to make a new appearance on the music scene with a new title in abbreviation: (SL).

Of course, after having charmed his audience from 2014 to 2023 with his group "  “, calho1 ti nonm kris la, author and composer of several other titles in acronym such as: “RAS” (Rete An Silans) in 2021, “KL” (Kamion Levanjil) in 2022, without forgetting “BRA” (Bel Rankont) in February 2023.

Now it's the turn of "SL", music of a social nature. And, as many already know, calho 1 a lover of compas , this new sound compas is intended to encourage and accompany every human being to “live in joy”.

In this beautiful celebratory adventure, Calherbe Chéry dit (calho1 ti nonm kris la) will be accompanied by , of the group and promises music with video.

“SL” will be available from August 20, 2023 at 19 p.m.

Let's celebrate !

Text by: Delva Bossuet

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