30th May 2023

The miracle treatment for alcoholism exists

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Alcoholism today cannot be cured. The only way out is to stay away from the sweet brew and get a detox. But according to Olivier Ameisen, French cardiologist, a miracle drug exists to treat addicts. Called Baclofen, its virtues are not yet recognized by health authorities. 

An alcoholic for 30 years, he lived a real nightmare. Suicide attempts, endless meetings at Alcoholics Anonymous, several cures… Nothing helped. It is Baclofen, taken by patients with multiple sclerosis to relax the muscles, which would have overcome his problem. He assures us that by taking this pill, the urge to drink passed quickly. This same drug could also overcome cocaine, heroin, cannabis, tobacco and also bulimia. Just that! 

According to the cardiologist convinced of the virtues of Baclofen, the drug would have no severe side effects. Studies will be carried out to confirm the doctor's theory. Hoping that the tests are positive and the drug can cure alcoholics.

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25/01/12 14h45


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