8th June 2023

The all-sufficient God

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"The Lord said to him: I am the Almighty God ..." Genesis 17.1

Do you need more joy, peace or any other benefit in your life?

Remember that you serve the Almighty God

My friend, we serve a God who is more than enough and he has more than enough for us!

The Hebrew term used here is El Shaddai, which means “he who is all sufficient” or “the God of plenty”. In other words, God is more than enough. He doesn't care how he's going to meet your needs. He doesn't wonder how he's going to provide; he has in abundance everything you need in this life and he asks only to give it to you.

Do you know why ? He wants to bless you abundantly so that you, in turn, can bless others. He wants you to be his reflection on the earth. But for that, you have to start by receiving what he wants to do in your life.

You can't have a negative, counterproductive attitude and expect God to pour out His blessings on you. No, the Bible tells us it's our faith that's pleasing goodbye.

Adopt today an attitude of faith and hope. Remember that you serve the Almighty God. He promises to provide for all your needs because he is El Shaddai, the God more than enough!

A prayer

Heavenly Father, I believe you desire to supply all my needs. You are God more than enough. I receive your Word today and choose to have an attitude of faith and hope. Thank you for your kindness and loyalty to me. Behalf Jesus. Amen.


Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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