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Love at first sight, is it from God?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, see what the dictionary says about love at first sight. According to Wikipedia, it is perceived in a primary sense as a physical phenomenon marked by the impact of lightning on an object or a living being. In the sense of feelings, it is a passionate attraction that suddenly manifests itself. We read that he is brutal and could leave scars for life. We are also talking about an attraction declared suddenly.

From these approaches, one can conclude that love at first sight cannot come from God. Here are a few reasons:

Marriage is first and foremost an alliance

God united the man and the woman in a covenant. The truth is that any covenant before it is sealed requires a protocol. You will never see two institutions decide to forge an alliance that engages the future of both just after one or two meetings. If you follow the political news in the run-up to the elections, you will see how political parties or coalitions with different or even close ideologies negotiate before sitting down to the table to sign agreements. This also happens during a real estate lease. Before obtaining the keys to the house, you take information and set certain conditions, the owner too. It is the same for the choice of the partner for life.

Love at first sight is superficial

God is love and He loved you so much that He, on the one hand, created you in His image (Genesis 1: 26) and on the other hand, sacrificed His son for you (John 3: 16). If God were in a superficial relationship, He would never have set up the plan of salvation for you and me. Look at everything you and I do and yet He hasn't let go of us. It is the proof of a true and sincere love.

According to the two directions of lightning strike, there is a trigger. It is often related to the physical (beauty, gait, beautiful voice, character) or to one of the five sense organs. The financial situation is also the basis of some relationships. So as soon as there is a change at this level, love begins to decrease. Or as soon as one of the two partners discovers what he wants or gets used to what marked him in the other, he begins to have disgust, contempt.

The consequences are often dramatic

The enormous consequences in the lives of those who succumb to love at first sight. The Bible relates certain cases, including that of King David. 2 Samuel 14: 2. It was love at first sight that led him to sleep with Bath Sheba, Uriah's wife, and he paid the price.

Genesis 34 also relates the story of Shechem who fell in love with Dinah, Jacob's daughter. Because of the feeling, he lost his mind by committing a serious fault in the eyes of the Israelites. All his people have paid the price. The other case which is the opposite is Joseph. He did not give in to the madness of his master Potiphar's wife.

Someone is saying to himself, but what is this gentleman talking about? Wasn't it you or one of your friends who taught me in the past that God sometimes speaks in one way and sometimes in another. So He may well get someone to find their partner through love at first sight.

Beloved, to see how God acts and how He took the time to create man and woman, he can only be against the love at first sight which remains marked, literally as well as figuratively by suddenness, unpreparedness and seduction of the senses.

May the Lord bless you in the Glorious name of Jesus Christ.


Author Arnaud Acapko ( – Fréquence Chrétienne)

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