Official launch of the “TEKNONVOX” Foundation, a vision full of ambition for young people today.

With more than 30 years of existence, who hasn't already heard the name of the “TEKNONVOX” choir?

With titles like: "Mèsi papa", " Kouray“, “Go away from here”, “Sous bonè m”. Without forgetting the traditional concerts at the beginning of the year, "TEKNONVOX" marked its generation positively and does not intend to give up despite winds and tides.

Despite the distance between the former members, they were able to take over with young people who devote themselves, week after week, to rehearsal sessions in Haiti at the Nazarene Church. And yes, Teknon Junior does not stop working.

In order to support the big family of "TEKNONVOX" everywhere, and to set up nurseries, to do music coaching, to supervise young people at different levels, the team decided to launch "The foundation ».

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Between "TEKNONVOX" original and "TEKNONVOX" Mass choir international, the foundation sees a single entity, a single choir, a single large family.

Official launch date of the foundation

To launch the Foundation, a reunion concert will be given on July 15, 2023, the TEKNONVOX choir will bring together more than 22 members in Beraca at 96020 Flatlands/Brooklyn NY, 19-22 p.m.

With a repertoire rich in musical, we find artists like , , Yolette Lagrandeur, Jean Nathan Dauphin, Violette Royer and Fouard André on the bill.

In this methodically planned concert, not only will the Foundation be presented to the general public, personalities who have marked the history of the choir will also be honored.

UNIDOS EN ALABANZA is the event that has attracted attention in the Dominican Republic.

According to the interventions of certain leaders such as: Raoul Sylvestre, vital Louisy, Garry Petit-Homme and maestro Joseph, the TEKNONVOX choir plans to release a third album which will be the intergenerational reflection of the new vision.

Despite the virtual rehearsals started in February 2023, they believe they are able to deliver a superb show.

give generously

While recalling that admission to this reunion concert is free, the Foundation relies heavily on the generosity of fans to collect voluntary donations to support their vision.


Interview with Jubau
Written by Oscare Sifra

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