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NGG RECORDS, its history

Founded in 2009 in Miami, Rossiny Brenelus and Jean Pétion are among others the pioneers who took the initiative to create “NU GENERATION GOSPEL ENTERTAINMENT”, with the mission of organizing events in the Haitian evangelical sector.

After studies in “Music Management” by Jean Pétion and in videography for Rossiny, they embarked on a process of renewal and innovation from an industry of “Management Group” in this environment, relying on the vision that God had entrusted to them.

This Label has developed its expertise by working with "Sonny Sounds", a sound company and record store in Miami, a reference in everything related to the production or realization of major events in the evangelical sector in Miami.

“NU GENERATION GOSPEL ENTERTAINMENT” was at the center of “Sonny Sounds” achievements. Major evangelical events in Fort Lauderdale include “NGG FEST” from 2017, and “Thanksgiving Festival” co-organized with Emmanuel Ciné for several years.

NGG RECORDS, the evolution of vision

With the skills acquired, the founders decided to attack another area, that of the management of Haitian evangelical artists, in great demand in the sector. NU GENERATION GOSPEL ENTERTAINMENT officially launches its music label “NGG RECORDS”.
The first Haitian evangelical artists to be signed were Landinie Alexis and Fritznie Joseph, aka "Woman with Guitar This contract lasted about three years.
“NGG RECORDS” is aimed at “Elevation”. THE who have signed a contract with the label so far are Wayne Mondelus, Valerie Paul, and Rosalinda EsmangaNGG RECORDS will sign on June 18, 2023 the lead singer “Revelation mizik de Miami”, who will launch his solo career.
This Label is open to everyone, but for the moment it focuses on Haitians.

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The Label builds a bridge

From North America to the European continent, with its mission of elevation which aims further and higher, the label will settle in Paris with a view to collaborating with Haitian evangelical artists evolving in Europe and to sell their music.

Pending a signing with new partners, NGG Records is launching a press release on June 18, 2023 to introduce itself to the European music market and establish a representative in Paris. Just as was done in Haiti in 2018, in Canada in 2019 and in in 2022.

In addition to press, a concert will be organized this June 18, 2023 for the establishment of NGG RECORDS in Paris, with Rossiny Brenelus who will present his and a premiere music video, accompanied by guest artists Hémi and Nickson.

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The NGG RECORDS approach

Producing music and satisfying an audience cannot guarantee a producer the maturity of a label. This is why one of the biggest aspects that separates NGG RECORDS from others is Business Management and growth time.
"Money should not be a priority for a label, but rather go towards advice and training," said Pétion.

Therefore, good management in all aspects of management of an artist with a vision is the essential element of NGG RECORDS in shaping the latter's project. Pure talent without “show off” is often the choice of the label in order to have a possible signing.

The fact of signing a contract with a label and validly honoring it is, according to NGG RECORDS, a reciprocal which must be done through information and training. For this, before signing with an evangelical artist, the label gives itself 1 to 2 years to follow and educate them with a view to reaching the level of the industry, because you can inherit a talent, but not be equipped with an adequate disciplinary principle.

NGG RECORDS is an original structure which stands out for its managerial aspect to promote Christian artists. The label aims for elevation by climbing the ladder in each continent.

The services offered by “NGG RECORDS” are:


NGG RECORDS can be contacted by email:
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