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The music of Stanley Georges under the magnifying glass: appreciations, reviews and recommendations

Le from BGospel magazine assessed the “Lap konbat pou ou” .


La de , entitled “lap konbat pou ou”, is a real musical gem. Her de is undeniable and this is the perfect demonstration of this.

The arrangement is well thought out, with captivating melodies and catchy rhythms. We feel a real mastery of sounds and great creativity in this .

The setting in which evolves in the clip is appropriate and adds an interesting visual dimension. The extras are also very involved and their attitude perfectly respects the subject of the . This reinforces the emotional of the and immerses us even more into his world.

Overall, the de is a success. Her , his powerful voice and his ability to convey emotions are undeniable. “Lap konbat pou ou” is a beautiful composition that deserves to be listened to and appreciated.

Evaluation "Wi mwen kwè" sung by Gaetan Lafontant


The storyline of the video seems simple and lacks synchronization with the text. We could have explored the ideas and concepts discussed in more detail. In addition, there is a weakness in taking into account the Haitian nun.

Indeed, the video does not take into consideration religious practices specific to Haiti. For example, a majority of Haitians could interpret “ret an silans” as doing nothing, not working, not seeking, not acting, the text could have clarified this Haitian religious concept with the illustrations.

In terms of synchronization, there is a lag between the text and what is shown on the screen. For example, “yap tann echèk mwen”, “ret sou jenou w”, “nou pa gen pou n redi”, these are sentences that are not synchronized with the images in the video.

Appreciations, reviews and recommendations on the music of the sisters Valéus and Lovenson Clerveau. 


It is important for a to continually evolve and explore new musical horizons. This can bring freshness and diversity to his discography.

presents a certain monotony in the way he treats his . This may be due to his personal artistic style or repetitiveness in his compositions. However, our advice, it is essential that the make the effort to step out of your comfort zone in order to continue to captivate the public and to renew yourself creatively.

Knowing how obvious the need to instruct and motivate is, it would be more than necessary to develop more of an explicit scenario by considering the Haitian religious and ensuring a synchronization between text and images. This will make the video more authentic and relevant to Haitian audiences.

Authors of the evaluation

Samuel Cedme
Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
José Bautista

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