8th June 2023

Jealousy in the Heart - Donald SORO

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... you are still carnal. Indeed, since there is among you jealousy and disputes, are you not carnal, and do not you walk according to the man? 1 Corinthians 3: 3

Our heart is constantly the refuge of various feelings, good and bad feelings. These feelings are rarely voluntary at first, because they can be caused by external events that we do not control. But their subsequent sustenance in our hearts depends largely on us.
Bad feelings such as jealousy are very harmful to our spiritual state and can cause us to harm our neighbour. For this, we need to manage them properly so that we can be pleasant goodbye.

LA JALOUSIE: What's that?

Jealousy is a feeling of envy towards someone who has what you don't have or what you would like to have. When she is very black, envy no longer becomes the reason for the feeling, but just the disgust that one feels to see the other happy and fulfilled.
This carnal jealousy is very contrary to the jealousy of God which is directed against the idols of men and which is good for man, for she seeks her salvation and happiness. For I am jealous of you of a jealousy of God, because I have betrothed you to one husband, to present you to Christ as a pure virgin. 2 Corinthians 11: 2.

SOURCES: What creates jealousy in the heart?

Jealousy comes at the base of envy and has several sources: we are usually jealous when we want to get what the other has that we do not have: A spiritual gift, a physical beauty, a material good , a good social situation, a fame, a good health, a husband, a wife, a child, a beautiful house, a good job, a great ministry, a wealth, a fiancé, a fiancée, an intelligence, a grade level, a father, a mother, a family, beautiful children etc.
But, jealousy can manifest itself because one does not want to see a happy person like us; a person who is expected to be unhappy all his life (it is witchcraft).


The manifestations of jealousy in a person's life are diverse:

Manifestations in the heart:

Hatred, disgust, envy, Wish for the other's misfortune, revolt, Pain, Anger, Sadness, the joy of seeing the other fall.

Physical manifestations:

Hostility, Medisance, Nuisance to another, Charging, Misplaced Reviews, Bad Counseling, Lying, Injury, Humiliation, Quarrels and Disputes, Lack of Self-Confidence or Other.

The Jews, seeing the crowd, were filled with jealousy, and they opposed what Paul said, contradicting and abusing him. Actes13: 45


Spiritual consequences:

To be jealous of one's neighbor is not to love him, whereas the Bible recommends us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Jealousy harms our spiritual state, our relationship with God ; it can create darkness in our hearts that will cloud our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and the voice of God. Our thoughts of our neighbor become evil and our hearts no longer remain pure. O God! create in me a pure heart, renew in me a mind willing Psalms 51:10.

Physical Consequences:

Destruction of relations of friendship, couple, fraternity. Assassination (The case of Cain and Abel in the Bible). Injustice towards the other to hurt him and to destroy the source of our jealousy. The Jealous usually seeks to harm the other, to break the other so that he / she can feel good or grow up. Speaking of Christian ministries, there is jealousy that creates competition between works that normally work for the same purpose. We then witness public denigments, attacks and so on.
In Africa mainly, charlatans or marabouts make enough money on jealousy, because many come to them to harm the life of a loved one or a so-called enemy.
Jealousy does not promote cohesion and union in a society or an assembly, it divides and destroys.


It's good to say that jealousy is a bad feeling, but it is also important to explain to everyone how to deal with it so that it cannot harm, because it is sometimes created in a heart without it. be voluntary. The proof is that we see children and even babies manifesting jealousy when their father or mother takes care of another child or baby other than themselves.

– To begin with, I would say that jealousy settles in the heart of the carnal, of those who are not in good health spiritually. To avoid it, it is important that our relationship with Christ be good so that the flesh becomes powerless and themind be strong. So let us pray without ceasing and watch over our hearts.

- When this bad feeling is strong in you, as soon as you realize its presence in your heart, you must immediately refuse to maintain it because everything starts from a systematic interior refusal. Subsequently, you must pray, pray to God so that He helps you to overcome this and above all you must pray for the person of whom you are jealous by speaking words of blessing on his life; example: "Thank you Lord for Rose, thank you for what you do in your life. Bless her, help her to go even further ... " It is very difficult to hate someone who is blessed with our close mouth and willingly.

- Especially avoid saying bad words about the person who makes you jealous, even if the envy is very strong in you.

- You can also with humility confide in a wise and spiritual person to help you overcome your jealousy. If you are brave enough, you can even talk to the person you are jealous of, especially when they are close. It kills that bad feeling at its core and can set you free immediately.

A thought :

If you haven't, look to whoever has and be filled with hope and motivation. If you don't have, look at the one who has less than you and give thanks goodbye for what you already have. Here is what should normally animate you when you want to get; Never be JALOUS!

Important: You will notice that I spoke of a kind of jealousy depending on the type of relationship. For jealousy within a couple is different and is handled in a different way; I hope that the Lord will allow me one day to speak about it.

Author: Donald SORO

Jubau is the founder and CEO of BGospel magazine.


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