8th June 2023

Grace: the key that opens possibilities

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"in order to show in the ages to come the superabundant wealth of his grace by his kindness to us in Jesus-Christ. » Ephesians 2.7
It's easy to fall into the trap of believe that you can do anything by your own efforts. Of course, this opens the door to disappointment, because things rarely go the way you expect. I'm well placed to know… I spent years wanting to do everything myself, before discovering the key.

God's will is not for you to become more independent. At the beginning of my Christian life, I sought with all my might to please goodbye. I dreamed of doing great and wonderful things in his name, and I tried desperately to make it happen. But it seemed that the more I tried, the less I succeeded, and I was terribly frustrated! I felt like nothing was working for me. Until the day when I finally understood the uselessness of my efforts and learned to trust him and to receive his key of grace.

I had to get to that point in my life where I had tried everything there was to try, where I had reached the limit of my possibilities with nothing and no one to turn to. It was only then that I understood that without God nothing was possible. He was the only one who could open the doors and give me the answers to all my questions.

God's will is not that you become more independent. Instead, your Heavenly Father wants you to depend more on him every day - on his love, his provision, and his grace.

He has given you the key to grace to overcome all the difficulties you face in life. Learn to keep moving by keeping this key constantly in your hand.

An action for today

God will help you overcome the frustrations of life and allow you to walk as a winner. Do not spend another day without the divine key of grace!

Author: Joyce meyer

source: topchretien




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