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Lust and pervisity of the last days - D. Pamphile

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A changing world ... ..
“And, because iniquity will have increased, the love of the greatest number will grow cold. But whoever endures to the end will be saved. »
Men will no longer have any fear of practicing evil...

Lorsque la mesure de l'iniquité sera comblée, tout ce que la Bible considère comme sacré et saint sera de plus en plus méprisé, profané et foulé aux pieds. L'esprit de rébellion et l'iniquité se généraliseront. Les hommes n'auront plus aucune crainte de pratiquer le mal car l'iniquité sévira partout avec puissance. Le prophète Sophonie nous indique que l'homme inique, impie ne connaît pas la honte car le péché endurcit son cœur. Il s'en délecte et y prend plaisir. (Sophonie 3.5).

The growing influence of the Queen of Heaven (mother goddess of Babylon), of the great prostitute seated on the waters (Domination of the waters of impurity) will moreover intensify during these next decades to reach a culmination which will unleash the wrath and judgment of God as for the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah:
Therefore wait for me, saith the LORD, on the day when I rise up for the spoil. For my determination is to gather the nations, to unite the kingdoms to pour out on them my indignation, all the ardor of my anger; for the whole earth will be devoured by the fire of my jealousy. (Zephaniah 3:8)
With iniquity on the rise, Satan will increasingly attack the foundations, the pillars, the fundamental values ​​of society in particular, the family unit, the legitimate union between man and woman, thus creating disorder , confusion in the hearts of the younger Generation.
Youth crisis
Facts have shown that there is a clear cause and effect link between the increase in decadence, debauchery, juvenile delinquency, and the increase in the number of broken homes, single-parent or so-called "recomposed" families. , a real source of identity disorder. They adopt self-destructive attitudes at all levels reflecting their discomfort, their lack of bearings, their confusion.
Une émission télévisée rapportait toute la détresse et la misère de la jeunesse de ce monde de plus en plus liée par l'alcool, le cannabis, les jeux vidéo et toutes sortes de dérives et de vices.

With the alienation from games and the internet, we also speak today of "Generation no life", a generation completely disconnected from real life, that is to say in my opinion of the "living dead" because young people fleeing everyday life tend to cut themselves off from all communication, locking themselves in virtual bubbles, losing the sense of human contact, commitments and real responsibilities.
Journalists some time ago sounded the alarm bell saying: “our children are in danger”.
These new media (internet, television, mobile phone ...) give access to the minors earlier and earlier to violence and pornography. Temptations are not lacking and on the web, it is so easy to get caught in the songs and photos of the sirens.

The New Generation School of Sex: Porn

The seductive power of pornography is such that it becomes as strong as that of drugs. For what ?
Parce que des esprits impurs de servitude ont été libérés sur cette Génération et viennent lier les âmes sous le joug de l'esclavage du sexe. La déchéance de l'homme est telle que de plus en plus de publicité en particulier celles de sous-vêtements associent par ailleurs la humaine à la animale (Lév.18.2-23).

We must wake up the beast in itself!

Porn is presented as the expression of liberation. But in reality, he only enslaves, humiliates and lowers the woman to the same level as the animal. The woman is easy, passive, weak, insulted and available at all times. It is an object, a simple sexual apparatus deprived of feelings. As for the man, he is virile, strong and always seems to have power and dominance.
"Your desires will carry you to your husband but he will dominate you"
(It is a curse and not God's original will for man and woman. Relationships have been perverted to their foundations)

Porn, my friends, is degrading for the woman but also for the man reduced to a sexual and bestial machine without qualms, without any capacity to experience true feelings of love and respect.
Is it really this image that man wants to give?

The heart of God

Ce n'est pas ce que le Créateur a voulu pour l'homme. Dieu est Amour. L'Esprit saint est tendre et délicat. Aussi doux qu'une colombe. Son Fils a accepté de s'offrir en holocauste pour notre salut par Amour. Il nous a créés à son image, avec le libre arbitre et la capacité d'éprouver des sentiments nobles et respectueux. Il nous a créés afin que nous soyons le Temple de son esprit et non une habitation de démons.
Dieu a créé le sexe dans le cadre du mariage pour la reproduction mais aussi pour l'enrichissement et l'épanouissement de l'être humain dans l'amour sacrificiel. Le sens de « connaître » traduisant les rapports sexuels dans la bible signifie «connaître» intimement, profondément et non superficiellement. Et cela dans l'intimité, dans le secret et non dans l'exhibition débridée. Cela implique douceur, richesse et beauté des sentiments, sécurité, paix, réconfort, tendresse et 'affection.
But young people can no longer tell the difference between bestiality and love.
Young people no longer believe in the future. They no longer believe in love and have many sexual partners just for fun despite the risk of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. We are talking about "fuck friend" now.

12 factors to consider before marriage

Virginity is completely old-fashioned for girls. Aware of their charms and their coveted youth, they sell them to the highest bidders without any qualms.
No more rules, no more abstinence, no more taboos!
Long live sexual liberation! The pleasure above all !!!
Young man, rejoice in your youth, give up your heart to joy in the days of your youth, walk in the ways of your heart and according to the looks of your eyes; but know that for all this God will call you to judgment. Banish sorrow from your heart, and remove evil from your body; for youth and dawn are vanity. But remember your maker in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near when you will say, I take no pleasure in it (Ecclesiastes 12.1)
Some to be loved have the dress of a prostitute and are used by the Enemy in the churches. These poor girls are proud to exercise their power of seduction not only on young converts but on married men, ignorant as they are of the consequences of their actions.
This is not surprising given the example of adults not only fathers who seek to seduce young girls of their own son's generation and the new "cougar" phenomenon where 40-year-old women find it normal and decent to sleep with 18 year old boys.

It's confusing!

We are well into the end times where the confusion of Sodom and Gomorrah reigns. There are no more limits, no more human values.
It is chaos, disorder, the reign of the great Babylon!
“The earth was formless and empty: there was darkness on the face of the deep” (Genesis 1.2:XNUMX)

In the light of the Scriptures, it is clear that we have entered a very critical dark period, hostile to all evangelization, and to the recognition of the name of Jesus.
Chaos, confusion, disorder are signs of the reign of darkness.
We call good: bad and bad: good.
What must the Christian today or a genuine son of God do?
What is its mandate in this sinking world of lust and satanic orgy?
What should be his attitude towards all these things?
How can he overcome and overcome all those temptations that such a tsunami flood the whole world?
How can he resist the songs of different sirens of voluptuousness?
Is his faith strong enough to resist all these assaults?

The tribulation of the flesh

and if he delivered the righteous Lot, deeply grieved at the conduct of these unrestrained men in their dissolution, for this righteous man, who dwelt in their midst, daily tormented his soul just because of what he saw and heard of their criminal works; the Lord knows how to deliver the pious from trial, and to reserve the unjust to be punished on the day of judgment, especially those who go after the flesh in a desire for impurity and who despise authority. (2 Peter 2.7-9)

It is the time of the great tribulation in the flesh when the iniquitous root which has not been plucked out will bear fruit in abundance.
The time when sin claims his wages and the earth opens his big mouth!
The time of the harvest of sin
Beloved, it is time to wake up and start shouting to God day and night for the salvation of your souls,
It's time to wake up from your slumber of false security and realize that there is danger in the house!
It is time to throw the clothes of religious hypocrites into the fire and put on the righteousness of Jesus Christ!
The devil uses all his weapons and all his cunning lately to be able to lose the maximum and rubs his hands with a sneer when he sees Christian men unable to pass prayer vigils but get up in the middle of the night to feed their flesh of pornography.
It's adultery! But no adulterer will enter heaven!
No debauched! No shameless!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ, a subject of Glory for Christians

The Lord is alive. We are not making fun of God.

He chuckles when on Sunday morning, you wear makeup in front of your mirror and choose the dress the hottest, the sexiest, the most showy to go in the house of God as if you were going to a nightclub. You are his instrument of work! I'm talking about the devil. Let's be clear !
He sneers when you spend your nights in nightclubs and with flour in your mouth, you are the first to pray on Sunday mornings and take the Lord's Supper without any inner turmoil, any feeling of guilt. It's a shame ! An abomination!

He chuckles when it's time for the offering and you give away the orange coins from your wallet that no one wants. This is contempt for God!
He sneers when you curse the servant of God, responsible for your soul instead of interceding for him so that his task is less onerous.
He sneers when to punish him you don't give your offering, forcing him to pay church fees out of his own pocket while you come and sit quietly on a chair every Sunday. You are heaping a curse on your head!
He sneers when you refuse to forgive and approach for the anointing with oil because you are sick.

He sneers when you covet the place or the gift of a brother and sister, You slander him and watch for his downfall. You are a potential murderer of Cain's race!
Il ricane lorsque pendant votre salut hypocrite dominical, vos yeux trainent sournoisement dans le décolleté de la sœur. Vous avez déjà commis l'adultère avec elle alors que vous venez d'adorer Dieu et de manger à sa table !
Il ricane quand les femmes se lèvent en méprisant leurs maris se croyant investis d'une mission sacrée comme Jeanne d'Arc refusant l'autorité légitime au profit d'une illégitime. Dieu a créé l'homme et la femme au commencement, mes sœurs. L'homme n'est pas sans la femme et la femme n'est pas sans l'homme. Vous ouvrez la porte aux esprits de sorcellerie !

In short… the devil has fun and sneers, saying to himself:
This is the Church of Christ of the end times!
This is the army of the end times!
Is this this spotless, glorious and glorious Bride of which the Bible speaks!
Let's stop playing the good Sunday Christian.
Let's take the counterfeit masks behind which we hide to play roles!
Men and women have died for the cause of the gospel.
Brothers and sisters are being persecuted all over the world because of the good news!
The gospel is not a play. It's a reality !
You will soon also know that hell is real if you do not repent!
C'est la destination finale de tous les pécheurs et de tous ceux qui renieront Jésus Christ et fouleront avec mépris le sang de la grâce.
Romans 13.10-14

L'amour ne fait point de mal au prochain : l'amour est donc l'accomplissement de la loi. Cela importe d'autant plus que vous savez en quel temps nous sommes : c'est l'heure de vous réveiller enfin du sommeil, car maintenant le salut est plus près de nous que lorsque nous avons cru. La nuit est avancée, le jour approche. Dépouillons nous donc des œuvres des ténèbres, et revêtons les armes de la lumière. Marchons honnêtement, comme en plein jour, loin des excès et de l'ivrognerie, de la luxure et de l'impudicité, des querelles et des jalousies. Mais revêtez vous du Seigneur Jésus–Christ, et n'ayez pas soin de la chair pour en satisfaire les convoitises.

so that you may be blameless and pure, blameless children of God in the midst of a perverse and corrupt generation, among whom you shine like torches in the world, bearing the word of life. (Philippians 2.15)


source: churchphiladelphia

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