31th May 2023

The European conference… on the side of young people!

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During the day, they were dispersed in plenary sessions and workshops, participating in various shows and events offered by the CME (sport, flashmob, shows, choirs, games, mutual aid, services, etc.). In the evening, after the last plenary, the "youth" program began. Young people

Thursday night: France and Spain organized a concert with Prai'Rythme and games, then a “5th” to get to know each other better.

Friday night: Germany and Ukraine gave us a beautiful concert of praise with a German group; Ukrainian to Ukrainian to Ukrainian pastor in Ukraine

Saturday night: Switzerland and the Netherlands have prepared a concert given by a Ukrainian group with rock and praise covers, followed by a Dutch folk group, concerts interspersed with a moment of games and a spiritual time.

The theme for GCE was Transmission. In this mind, I went to meet the young people to see what they learned and […]

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