29th May 2023

Kirk Franklin & Maverick City Music “Bless Me” live from Vevo studio

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Today (August 30), Kirk Franklin shares the live video performance of "Bless Me" with Maverick City Music. The performance was recorded live from Vevo Studio. The track is from their collaborative project titled Kingdom Book 1, which is available now.

Taking the idea of ​​"prison performance" to another level, the genre-transcending project made entirely from the grounds of a Florida prison, features Maverick City Music and Franklin recording the experience alongside more than eighty -ten percent of those who remain incarcerated at the place . Joined by men from all walks of life – different gangs, races and backgrounds – Kingdom Book 1 has evolved from an unfiltered message of love and universal acceptance into a passionate and powerful movement that embodies the core beliefs of collective to inspire and help others.

“I think this album is for all fans who love music, and we hope these songs and the stories behind them will serve as a way to raise awareness of the challenges people face every day – many of which are forgotten. Maverick Jonathan Jay of City Music explains. “For me, the most impactful part of this experience was the prisoners' reaction to the simple fact that they were remembered as humans. It was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and excitement that ran through every day we spent with these men. It was amazing, and I think if more people became aware of these feelings, they would want to help find a solution to the problems that come with incarceration.


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