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Kenny DORVILUS, one of this nation's revivalists in Jesus Christ.

Who is DK?

On January 5, 1994, on Turtle Island, in the Northwest department of Haiti, a star mandated for a generation at the foot of Christ was born. exercising the Prophetic ministry in the sector is the youngest of a family of five children.
A computer engineer, Prophet Kenny has moved between writer and theologian, to whom he has become attached for some time.

Prophet: The Scales of His Ministry

Having learned of his call as a prophet in 2017, this sacred speaker began to preach the gospel since 2014. Inspired by the African leader Joël Francis TATU, he created “DK MINISTRIES” which means: “The ministries of the prophet Kenny DORVILUS ".
This is made up of several departments, including: Network of Leaders Influents (RLCI), Network of Flaming Women (RFA), Mission Baruc (Christian publishing house), DK foundation… “Prophetic Sunday”, “Finance ", "Baruch Day" are certain monthly and annual events that DK Ministries organize with the aim of bringing people together from all over to worship, pray to the Lord and listen to the teachings.

Claire Calixte Ft Chorale DEG - Nou beni nom ou - (Video and Lyrics)

Influencer: DK, an influential social media speaker

Driven by a patriotic feeling by raising awareness among to be a good citizen, the latter has reached more than 127 subscribers on Facebook, 000 on Tic Toc, 100 on YouTube and Instagram.
Despite criticism and difficulties in the country, the man of God says he is well surrounded and continues to advance in the vision of his master. Apart from his biggest dream of visiting the countries of Africa and America, DK has made trips to Dominican then in Senegal.
For the end of 2023, he has already filled his schedule with the release of two other works as well as “The Night of the Exodus”.

UNIDOS EN ALABANZA is the event that has attracted attention in the Dominican Republic.

Public Target and mission received from God

Despite his refusal of the prophetic ministry previously, because of the negative persuasions that people created around this gift, he still captured the attention of the general public on social networks through these various types of messages. The intellectual and bourgeois elite are DK's favorite because according to him, it is possible to be rich or be endowed with knowledge while being Christian. He also wants to attract young people to assume their responsibility as agents of National.

“A prophet is not one who only gives prophecies, but his life must be one”, is the declaration of Prophet Kenny while recalling that this ministry is imposed on him by God in order to impact lives, young people as well as this nation.

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