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8 important steps to create and use your “press kit”

Do you think an artist or musician should have a...

12 factors to consider before marriage

Twelve factors to consider when selecting...

5 reasons to take care of your image as a Christian artist.

As a Christian artist, your image is an element...

The importance of responsibility and vision in your artistic career

Introduction As a Christian artist, your artistic career can be...

How to make your art and music known: the 7 essential steps

How can you effectively promote your art as an artist...

Men's earrings, Pastor Max Moïse SAULD answers our survey

Background For the month of July 2023, BGospel...

I'm "Drill Music" and I'm quietly settling into gospel music.

Drill Music I am part of a musical current that many...

Three Essential Characteristics of a True Worshiper After God's Heart

Our focus on worship For some time now, on the page...

Answer-Poll: Is there a difference between a Christian artist and a psalmist?

Apart from the definition and origin of this word.  explains to us that, when a person calls himself a psalmist, it is a person who lifts up the name of God. Who has a intense, and which prioritizes divine that glorifies God.

Can the Christian participate in the political life of his country?

Origin of the word politics For ages, politics has remained...

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