Our mission

Promouvoir l'évangile de Jésus-Christ à travers:


information and education

The preaching of the word of God

La spiritual.

Who Are We?

BGospel magazine is a product of Jubau Group which was established in 2009.

Jubau Group was created by José Bautista for the purpose of promoting music .
In 2009, we launched Jubau Store, a music store Haitian online
It was the first MP3 music store in Haiti.
Jubau Group to contribute to the success of several artists and groups in Haiti such as: James Alcindor, , Nicky Christ, Adonai Group etc.
We are also the first site Haitian to publish biographies of artists and personalities of the sector online.
We contributed in the publication of lyrics, in the promotion of concerts .
In 2014, for administrative reasons, we decided to discontinue the Jubau Store service.

On January 21, 2018, we decided to change the name of the website from BGospel.com to a more international and meaningful name with a much more Jesus-centered mission.

Do you want to contribute in the work of God? Do you want to put your talent on the profile of a vision of excellence for God?
We certainly have a place for you.
Join us.
We are still looking for volunteers?

You can also contribute financially. Your great contribution will make our mission much more dynamic and even more present with those who need support.
God bless you!

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