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Jonathan Laurince a Christian artist who stands out

Jonathan Laurince a Christian artist who stands out

Jonathan Laurence is a inspired and talented trumpeter who writes, composes, arranges and records his own compositions.

Jonathan Laurince made his debut in in a church in Haiti and then joined the École Sainte-Trinité, known as one of the best schools in from the country.

In the year 2000, he represented his country in an international trumpet competition organized by the ITC. Soon after, he founded a group and a Jazz quintet with the aim of producing its immense repertoire of .

En 2008, à l'occasion de l'investiture du premier président noir des États-Unis, il publia sa première vidéo intitulée : « Change Yes We Can". This video clip was broadcast on BET, MTV and local TV channels.

In 2005, he received at the HCMA the prize of "Best Christian Vocalist" for his first album entitled " Thank you Lord" page (in French).

En 2012, après le tremblement de terre qui a dévasté son pays natal, Jonathan lança son deuxième single titré « I Know Haiti Will Rise Again ». Cette chanson a su capter l'attention de la presse américaine et lui a valu des entrevues avec BET, NBC6 et une é avec la compagnie et magazine très connue appelée Black Enterprize. En cette même année, son groupe « The True Worshipers » fut nominé pour le prix de Meilleur Groupe Chrétien du Sud de la Floride par la IRAWMA, which is a Jamaican organization. He also received a proclamation from the Mayor of North Miami Beach, naming October 27, 2012: “Jonathan Laurince's Day”

NGG records, a Haitian label in full development.

Also in 2012, he published his fourth title project "Gras Pou Haiti" having as his first hit, his new version of the national anthem of Haiti " The Dessalinian" page (in French).

Between 2014 and 2015, he released his first instrumental project called “The Trumpet Sound Vol.1.” and published two and video clips: one called “Now The Time Has Come” and the other “ I Will Bless The Lord" page (in French).

Indeed, ''Now The Time Has Come'' is a qui invite chaque être humain à adorer le en and in truth and to praise this marvelous God.

I Will Bless The Lord, by its title already indicates a hymn of praise ...

Motivated by the desire to promote his art, Jonathan Laurince then registered as to the body The Akademia Music located in Los Angeles, California. The latter is dedicated to the recognition of excellence in dans le monde entier et en soutenant les intéressés à recevoir un degré plus élevé d'exposition au marché et de la reconnaissance professionnelle pour leur travail.

Evangelical GALAXY, a cluster of stars glorifying God through the Compas.

Good news ! the 2 by Jonathan Laurince found themselves nominated. And, on April 21, 2016, the Haitian Christian received the following three distinctive awards:

The Jubau Network team presents its CONGRATULATIONS to this dedicated and passionate whose name is Jonathan Laurince.

Que Dieu vous bénisse et vous donne encore plus d'inspiration pour sa gloire.

Présentement, Jonathan travaille sur son prochain single instrumental qui n'est autre que l'interprétation de la chanson titrée ‘'Hello'' de la English Adele. This song will be released in summer 2016.

We salute the unconditional support of Jonathan Laurince's wife and their three children.

You can listen to and download, at any time, the by Jonathan on iTunes and get into the good habit of leaving him a few words of encouragement.

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