10th June 2023



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Joel Lorquet

Who is Joel Lorquet?

I was born the 7 July 1964, in Port-au-Prince and I grew up in Port-au-Prince. My parents lived for a long time in Saint Marc. Not me, unfortunately. I would have liked to be from a province where I could have had a property, spend a long weekend, go see people ...

This morning again, I was in Saint-Marc. But I do not know anyone. I do not have a tie, no parent, no friend really in this city.
I did my primary classes at Jean-Marie Guilloux, at the brothers, until the certificate. I continued my studies at Lycée Firmin until the Philo. I then opted for the Faculty of Human Sciences where I took a license in collective communication. Then, I did a Master's degree in Development Science at the Faculty of Ethnology. I am currently working on a PhD in Applied Linguistics, option "Christian Education" with IFTS University. It's a long-term project. It's not that easy. That takes time. I took part in many internships abroad in the field of collective communication, television, especially in France in 1986, in Germany in 1987, in the United States with the USIS, several times. Closer to home, I attended a four-week seminar in Singapore on Christian Leadership. Basically, that's what I can share with you about my personal training.

Apart from that, I am also a writer. I have published several books. I am the first Haitian to publish comics (Comics) in Haiti. I don't do any more but I have 3 collections to my credit. The first was published in 1981 on the "boat-people", the second in 1983, on the problem of Haitian braceros in Dominicanie, Dram zafra. And the third, in 1988, on AIDS. "Madichon 3H". I wanted to protest, like all young people at the time, against the concept of 4H - Haitians, Heroin addicts, Homosexuals and Hemophiliacs - which was circulating at the time.

I have been a winner in drawing 3 times, also a national winner. But drawing takes so long that I had to give it up for more than twenty years to devote myself to my journalistic career. I write for several newspapers: Boucan, Le Nouvelliste, Le Matin, Haiti Observateur. I even published my own newspaper: The Consumer Guide. I also wrote a “travelogue” in Israel-Turkey - Palestine, in 1999 (if memory serves). I published a collection on the History of the Church in Haiti, in particular the Church of the Nazarene. I released another book on television in Haiti: "Cable television and local color". It was part of my thesis that I took up in this text. Many other projects are in preparation.

Besides my career as a writer, I am also a singer in my spare time. I still sing but much less since this attempted strangulation that I suffered in Santo Domingo. On the music side, I published three albums: the first during the 80s with a compilation of songs of hope in a cassette. Then I released “An nou bay lanmen”, a CD with about 16 or 17 tracks.

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