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Joe Michel - Biography

Joe Michel comes from a family of 11 children of which he is the 7th. He was born in Haiti and is the son of Simone and Etienne Michel. He is a talented musician. He plays guitar and bass and, Joe is a writer, composer and of songs of which he is also the producer. He began playing guitar in 1978, and it was in this musical sphere that he accepted the Lord in 1982, which led him to what he calls the praise and worship ministry.

The first group he evolved with was the Messengers of God. At the same time, he led worship at a local church. So in 1984, always accompanied by his guitar, he began leading God's people in worship at a local Church, before embarking on his own in ministry, blessing and edifying the People of God. The Lord then inspired Joe to begin a praise and worship ministry called “the Golden Light.” He continued to play guitar and wrote many blessed songs for the Golden Light, like 'Pawol L á', 'Mamie Jezu', 'Mamie prezans oú', to name a few. His ministry with “Lumière d’Or” has continued for 21 years.

Joe Michel is also an evangelist, and he speaks in praise and worship services. He has taught and lectured in New York and also in Haiti, with his church. Joe Michel is married and his wife Rose Michel and they are both Worshipers in the Christian Community of the Alliance Church, under the leadership of Reverend Pastor Georges Defay. Joe Michel and his wife reside in Brooklyn with their 2 daughters Norah and Sarah Michel.

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