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Jemima Joseph, appreciations and criticisms of her musical talent

The Reviews and Appreciations committee of BGospel magazine evaluated the music “Li la” by .


The music of is an enchantment for the senses. His soulful style, both timeless and contemporary, captivates the listener from the first notes.

What makes her music original is the simplistic aspect, on the decor side, reinforced by the meticulous attention she pays to every detail of her . From her elegant outfit, capable of attracting both children and adults, to her graceful posture, her neat appearance adds a visual dimension to this music, creating a complete sensory experience.

The piano concept adds a touch of sophistication and beauty to his song. The melodies and harmonies that emerge from this orchestration create a good atmosphere, inviting the listener to dive into Jemima's musical universe.

In short, “Li la” music is an experience in its own right. Congratulations to and his team.


This new gospel music from raises some questions about its representation of the very essence of this musical genre.
We hear a choir which, on a few occasions, brings additional value to the harmonization. It's disconcerting not to see them in the video.

Another aspect that may be perplexing is the low number of references to the name of God, and when it is mentioned, it does not seem to be strategically positioned in the text to carry any significant impact.

In a musical style that aims to celebrate spirituality and transmit a divine message, it is essential to highlight the presence and greatness of God in a clear and powerful way.

Although the style of setting chosen by Jemima seems suitable for a musical, it is disappointing to note the lack of demonstration of the biblical stories evoked in the text. Gospel music is traditionally a way of telling and sharing the teachings of the Bible. However, the artist's gestures fail to create a real staging that could bring these sacred stories to life.


here are some to analyze for a next project. Choirs are often considered an essential element, especially when they are clearly present in the structure of the music. Being able to see the extras adds depth and added value to the video.

Explore visual means to accompany your music. This can include scenes or slideshows. These images will help listeners understand and connect to the message of the text more easily.

Work on the conclusion of songs: a satisfying conclusion in words is even more important in the spiritual context. This ensures a lasting impact on listeners. For example, use meaningful words or an emotional performance to leave a lasting impression. These are our .

Authors of the evaluation

Samuel Cedme
Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
José Bautista

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Samuel Cedme Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus José Bautista Jemima Joseph, appreciations and criticisms of her musical talent
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