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Jean Daniel Valentin – who is he?

Who is Valentin Jean-Daniel?

My name is Valentin Jean Daniel. I am Christian. I got married to Shama S Valentin in July 2019. God benevolently gave us a charming little girl. I am the second child of the six that my parents had. My father is a pastor at the Egalise of God located in Poste Marchand. I have acquired a lot of knowledge that has been useful to me in life, thanks to the teaching of my father.

Indeed, I am currently musical director of the Tabernacle El Elyon, led by Reverend Pastor Max Moise Sauld.

I attended Sinai School for my primary studies, and Hadem College for my secondary studies. After obtaining my baccalaureate, I continued my studies at the school of arts (2005 – 2009).

Louisane Brunot Charles, her story

I studied automobile mechanics at the Diesel institute located in Bois patate (2007-2010).

I started my studies in civil engineering at the faculty of applied sciences in 2014.

As a leader, I continue to improve by taking seminars and online courses.

Regarding my musical profession, I have been working as a musician for twenty years. I used to skip classes at school for instrumental sessions in the recording studio with groups and choirs. Today, I can say that my influences are felt in 60% of the choirs in Haiti. I taught the to young people, and today, I lead eight choirs and a group (Holy Music Haiti)

Evangelical GALAXY, a cluster of stars glorifying God through the Compas.

In 2010, God gave me the task of raising the level of the praise team in the churches. Many pastors have written to me asking me to work with their congregation's worship team to improve Sunday services. I then understood why God had selected me for many years.

Now I can say it's a with a lot of spiritual maturity, but I will not stop being humble to continue serving God.

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