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Jean Daniel Pierre (JDP Ministry) presents the 1ʳᵉ edition of “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”

Short story

Originally from Gros Morne in Gonaïves, Jean Daniel PIERRE is a worshiper evolving in the sector . At the age of 8, he began singing and from the age of 14, he joined several choirs which allowed him to launch his career as a worshipper.

An electromechanic by profession, he previously worked as an electrician at the Canadian Embassy in Haiti. Married and father of two children, in 2014, he had to leave the country to settle in Canada. The worshiper has also collaborated with groups, choirs and some singers like Laurore, Yves & Yvan, Fils Amiel.

A double hat in the ministry

His first vision is to make his first album in order to win souls for Christ without expecting much from the religious sector.
“I am a worshiper, I prefer to use this word instead of singer,” declared Jean Daniel Pierre during his discussions with .

NGG records, a Haitian label in full development.

Sometimes worshiper and promoter, he officially sees himself fulfilling these dual functions accompanied by a work team at his disposal. Mackenson Ocean sound engineer and bassist. Emmanuel known as Nono Drummer and Pianist. Diana Rosier and Lounia Laguerre Backing singer. Mackenzy Verilus bassist, are among others these active members of the team.

Attached to the ministry of worship, Jean Daniel Pierre also clarified that he has no intention of becoming a pastor or apostle. With the establishment of JDP Ministry, he aims to help others who are in need through these personal means according to the blessings bestowed upon him by the Lord.

1st edition of "TO GOD BE THE GLORY"

Jean Daniel Pierre (JDP Ministry) presents the 1ʳᵉ edition of “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”
Jean Daniel Pierre (JDP Ministry) presents the 1ʳᵉ edition of “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”
For the first edition, in Montreal, the worshiper and promoter launched this year an evening entitled “To God be the glory”. The new initiative will be implemented each year at the same time and already provides for the involvement of various Christian artists operating in different countries.
JDP Ministry presents SPENCER BRUTUS in Canada for the first time for this first edition of “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”. The concert will take place with a team of professional musicians. Other Montreal artists will be present, such as Jean Enock LOUIS, Fausly VALENTIN, Alexander POLYNICE et Jean-Daniel Pierre. The date is June 24, 2023.
On the program, from 18 to 19 p.m., a cocktail is served for the assistants then from 19 to 21:30 p.m. the evening is invited by the atmosphere of adoration. With a space that can hold more than 300 people, the public is eagerly awaited to savor this great blessed moment.

Interview: Jubau
Editor: Oscare Sifra

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