I'm "Drill Music" and I'm quietly settling into gospel music.

Music Drill

I am part of a musical movement that several artists have neither known nor studied.

I am already very popular in the “Creole Rap” movement in Haiti and several artists start to play me without, perhaps taking into account my origins.

Certains artistes du « Rap Créole » ont déjà eu des problèmes avec la à cause de mon influence.

Let me quickly introduce myself to you, dear reader.

I am called “  Drill”, or “Drill scene” or “drill-hop”. I am a sub hip-hop launched by young rappers and producers from the South Side neighborhoods of Chicago. My trademark, shocking or on the contrary impeccable words, but set to an irregular rhythm.

Can the Christian participate in the political life of his country?

In 2012, I invaded the United Kingdom, then London, and all parts of the country. I am characterized by violent music, haunted melodies and dark lyrics.

My roots were in poor neighborhoods, and I became the voice of the marginalized.

With my style, I have the ability to quickly encourage youth violence, my followers wear strange things, like masks, in their videos, not to mention lyrics referring to drugs, guns or cold steel.

I, "Drill Music", have the ability to easily transmit the instinct of violence.

Do I have a soul and a heart to worship or praise God?

You know. What I know, I myself am a god, my followers adore me in a certain way.
Some think he is using me to attract my followers to God.
Will they fornicate to attract fornicators to ?
Will they sell the drugs to attract buyers to Jesus?
They say that the is universal, but there are styles they do not use to praise and worship God.

Bondye ka fè tout bagay - Mackenson Daniel & Jean Max Berno

I am the Drill, I identify with the hoods, the violence, the hatred and the malice, if they want to use me in the . I'm not going to oppose it, but I want them to be spiritually sound.

Reference text: Dekotike Live
Translation: Delva Bossuet
Revision : José Bautista





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