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I TRUST IN YOU – Pierre School

I TRUST IN YOU, second single from the Pierre school project, is available on all platforms 🔥


1 couplet

You know me, You my Creator
You wanted me, close to your heart
Nothing can separate me
Of the love you gave me


I trust in You,
You are good, you are my strength
I trust in You,
Jesus, you have all the room

2 couplet

You are present, You guide my steps
I am confident, You watch over me
Lord Your hand is outstretched,
When I'm the lost sheep


Glory to the King who does not fail
In my fights you win every time
For you God of love,
My songs will always resonate


Video production: École Pierre
Songwriter, : Dylan Vuattoux (student at Pierre school)
Co-author: Julie Ciceron (student at the Pierre school)
Production: École Pierre with Martin Delbeke, Thomas Teissier and the students of Promo 4 (Marie-Nathanaëlle Bougeant, Adèle Armstrong, Anaïs Voeffray, Blanche Esneau, Ophélie Poulenas)
Piano: David Brissac (student at the Pierre school)
Guitar: Ombeline Lamy (student at the Pierre school)
Electric guitar: Paul-Alexandre Ah-Hoc (student at the Pierre school)
Bass: Thibaud Lhotte (student at the Pierre school)
Drum: Helder De Lima (student at the Pierre school)
Arrangement: Cédric Dumoulin and Mika Andrianavalona (speakers at the Pierre school) and Jérémie Thomas (musical director of the Pierre school)
Mixing: Cédric Dumoulin (speaker at the Pierre school)
Vocal coaching: Tendry Rajaonson (lecturer at the Pierre school)


Thank you to the Cistercian community of Notre-Dame des Neiges Abbey for welcoming us for a week of artistic residency in this magnificent place in Ardèche.

Thanks to STAFF Pierre: Guillaume Cail, Jérémie Thomas, Faustine Mériau, Baptiste Mansot, Jean Langlois-Meurinne, Adrien Robert, Jeanne Larger, Matthieu Roussel

Thank you to all the speakers who drove the artistic direction of the project: Sébastien Corn, Mika Andrianavalona, ​​Cédric Dumoulin, Tendry Rajaonson, Obed Rajaiah, Salvatore Barletta, Lou Segura, Sixte Labouche, Martin Delbeke and Thomas Teissier.

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