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by Ginou Pierre TAVERN, Chantre and composer

Born November 1 in Port-au-Prince, computer engineer, married for 5 years, mother of a nice princess. Ginou Pierre TAVERNE is the name of this new Singer who will soon charm the hearts of thousands of listeners, Christians or not, young and old, young and old, with the power and presence of her voice.

Former member of the Youth Committees of the Maison de Refuge and Communion de la Manne Evangélique churches in Haiti for more than 10 years. She is the Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit organization Recreation Haiti » for vulnerable children and women living in rural areas (Humanitarian Organization that she has been leading since 2008).

Ginou Pierre TAVERNE wishes to Found a ministry of worship in order to preach the gospel through praise and worship, all over the world starting with Haiti. 2. Strengthen the children's ministry "Recreation Haiti" in remote and more vulnerable areas of the country. 3. Strengthen ministry with women and found ministry with young married couples —–

ginou TAVERN Let his humanity speak for the benefit of the International Committee of the Red Cross as part of a humanitarian project with the release in 2009 of a video clip Reflexivetaken from the albumImamite an premye. It will do us no harm to hear this magnificent argument on respect for life and the other TAVERNE. This video is available on the face book page of recreation Haiti

With two tests presing "Breath on me and Will" released in 2011 GINOU wants to deposit his mark of talented singer and songwriter in the Haitian Christian musical world. The first title Breath on me is a well-worked and well-inspired text. The melody is captivating, the lyrics sensible, the voice appropriate Ginou taverne wants to invite us to draw the breath of God on us daily to keep us alive and maintain our good relationship with him. When the past torments us, When the future seems uncertain, the divine breath assures us of better days. And we can only always count on him to overcome our worries.

Will w is the second title of this demo that Ginou has so kindly sent to us. Ginou describes on paper and expresses through music his determination to walk in the will of God. According to her, staying in the will of God is the only guarantee of a life of blessing.

In December 2012, the album RECOMMENCER by GINOU TAVERNE was finally released with a dozen titles, some more interesting than the others.

ginou, determined and inspired, will know how to easily fulfill the role of any Christian cantor, praise the living and true God and bless hundreds of thousands of people from different backgrounds and religious denominations with sacred music.

Yacinthe Amos, Editor, Social Communicator

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