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Evangelical GALAXY, a cluster of stars glorifying God through the Compas.

Evangelical GALAXY est un groupe de musique chrétienne œuvrant dans la vigne du Seigneur avec l'objectif de propager la bonne nouvelle de Jésus-Christ à travers la musique. Ce groupe est un ensemble de talent, où chaque membre est une étoile qui constitue une lumière. Par le message de l'évangile, le groupe a pu s'infliger un slogan intitulé : « Levanjil n ap preche ».

A bit of history

originated at the 1ʳᵉ Baptist Church of Petite Anse, Cap-Haitien in April 2015, however it performed its first major performance within this assembly on June 21, 2015 after two (2) months of rehearsal.

Maestro Follereau ETIENNE called on Brother Kenson AMBROISE (drummer of the group), Brother Jonas BIEN-AIMÉ nicknamed Afriken (keyboardist), Fr Rodely VERTIDIEU (manager) and Fr Guy BIEN-AIMÉ (former guitarist) to create this idea. Today, has 12 members and mainly plays compas to glorify God.

Alexander Polynice: The man who united his passions for gospel, opera and modeling

The group's achievements

In 2016, Galaxy released a live album with the titles "MODEL", "JOU PAW LA" and "MESI PAPA".

In 2017, the group won the hearts of music lovers in the industry with the release of two songs: "TOUCHEM KONYE A" which refers to the Worship trend and "MODEL" of trend compas. He also took up the famous Santa Claus story with trendy compas entitled: “NWEL FET LANMOU”.

In October 2021, Le Zouk Compas was at the rendezvous with a video clip "LAPRIYÈ" vocalized by Sister Sanlie ESTRAVIL.

Louinet Nicolas - who is he?

In May 2022, the group lit the flame of the compas directly in the sector avec la vidéo de « LEVANJIL NAP PRECHE » avec la participation du maestro David MORINVIL de la chorale DEG.

In November 2022, the band released the official music video “ FEL TANKOU LI" page (in French).

has performed several major concerts in the city of Cap-Haitien and in the metropolitan areas of the Nord department such as: Dondon, Caracol, Trou du Nord, Ennery, Vallières etc.

Upcoming project

The group wishes to offer a superior quality album to its fans through the release of an album of which 70% of the tracks will be composed of music played in compas, as well as other musical varieties.

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