August 30 | Brother Wéhan announces the official video of “kenbe ko w”

After releasing this music in May 2022, Brother Wéhan announced the official video for: “kenbe ko w”. It will be available on all platforms from August 30, at 15 p.m.

The composer is a which began to develop in the sector since four years. He released his first music in 2022 “Gen espwa”, Kenbe ko w in May 2022 and his first video in January 2023 with “preche tankou Jezi”.

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According to Brother Wéhan, he chose to release this video because the message conveyed in this song is motivating, topical and important for Christians.

The team of hopes that this new music video will attract the attention of fans of the music, both for its quality of image and melody and for its spiritual depth.

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