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Frè Gabe And Lovenson CLERVEAU Offers An Antidote To Depression Through “SYÈL LA AP TRIS”

Frè Gabe and Lovenson CLERVEAU say no to suicide by prescribing an antidote through “SYÈL LA AP TRIS” subtitled “DEPRESSION”

For some time, many young people and adults in Haiti have succumbed to depression. Famine, unemployment, insecurity and various socio-political crises encourage some to leave the country and others to drown in solitude to the point of suicide.

These multiple cases even affect Christians, because no one is spared. At this societal stage, what should we do? Is God absent? Is suicide a solution? Says on this subject ?

Lovenson Clerveau

“SYÈL LA AP TRIS”, such is the title of the by Frè Gabe in with the Psalmist subtitled “DEPRESSION”, which answers all these questions.

Released on Friday July 07, 2023, this project tells the effects and causes that depression produces in our lives and says no to suicide, because God has a plan for everyone. “Pa bwè kloròks ni konprime, pa pann ni blese tèt, pa touye tèt: aksyon sa yo fè syèl la tris paske Jezi pa kontan”, mentioned the two artists through this song.

The music video version “SYÈL LA AP TRIS” is available on all online music platforms.

Good listening !

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