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Frantz Junior Moise – Interview

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  • General informations
  • Birth name: Frantz Junior Moise
    • Date of Birth: 21 September 1991
    • Core business: Singer
    • Additional activities: Conferences
    • Start date:
    • Activity status:
    • Instrument(s): voice,

Who is Frantz Junior Moise?

Frantz junior Moise is a singer, author-, Motivator born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on September 21, 1991. He is a professional musician. He launched his career in February 2018 with the cover “I am no longer a slave to fear” which reached 14 million views and followed by his second song “ flood me“, which reached 2 million views in 2022 on YouTube.

In 2019, he released his first album "Grace" followed by several other songs with other famous singers such as: Myria Charles, Loutchina, Rebecca and the DEG choir.

The author of " flood me“, is very involved in the musical world. he regularly participated in concerts in Haiti, and Guadeloupe, but also at various conferences related to music and worship.

Frantz Junior Moise won four as “Male Artist of the Year” in 2021 and 2022, a remarkable feat indeed!

His artistic creations generally center around his faith and connection with God. He believes that gospel music should always remain true to the scriptures and accurately communicate the presence of the Almighty. He is not the only one to compose his songs.

What prompted him to pursue a career in music?

His journey into music began when he was only in the 3rd grade of kindergarten and received his first official singing diploma. It's a passion that he truly loves and was inspired by many revelations and personal experiences that pushed him to make this decision.

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The artist received a solid musical education at the Sainte-Trinité music school, since he studied there for four years. He also brings knowledge in theology, leadership and entrepreneurship.

The author of " flood me pledged to make music his full-time career. He is also an inspirational speaker and a dedicated ambassador for Sent To Serve in Haiti, actively helping those in need.

Not only is he an artist , but it also broadcasts music that carries powerful socio-cultural messages of peace. He collaborated with artists like Bélo and BIC to contribute to it.

He is ready to participate in any initiative that can help educate the Haitian people, but his priority remains in the field of music. .

The author of " He can do it shows its commitment to society by donating food kits, cleaning the streets and distributing Christmas gifts for orphanages and homeless children.

Some of Frantz's fondest memories.

Le of " flood me says he has witnessed many healings, spiritual conversions and baptisms in the Holy Spirit through his ministry.

The Holy Spirit used it as a vehicle of communication, and when that happened, it led to miraculous healings.

Frantz testifies to several miraculous events already experienced in his musical career. In particular, the healing testimony of a person who suffered from hemorrhoids. That of another person who suffered from nasal polyposis and who had been healed following a time of adoration. The artist also told us of a powerful divine manifestation while leading worship. God let him know that someone in the room was ready to commit suicide. Heeding the promptings of the Holy Spirit, he made a call for conversion. The Holy Spirit was very detailed in the message he received that day that changed this person's plan of misfortune.

"It's remarkable how things can sometimes take an unexpected turn." Frantz told us

God decided to change this person's plan of misfortune into a plan of peace and restoration. His testimony was a confirmation of the omnipotence of Jehovah that day.

Jean Daniel Pierre (JDP Ministry) presents the 1ʳᵉ edition of “TO GOD BE THE GLORY”

To him all the glory.

Six (6) things you should know about Frantz Junior Moise?

He considers the fact that he can travel and bless other peoples with his music as a grace.

He leads a life of prayer and fasting, prayer is like his breathing, he prays at all times and in all places.

He prays a lot more than he sings, he reads his Bible constantly, he likes to read besides.

He dreams of reaching the level of success of “Wyclef Jean” and collaborating with the greatest artists .

He is influenced by Jonathan Helser who sang "I am no longer slaves", Corby, Brandon Lake and by the groups, Christ Brown Elevation worship, Hillsongs worship and Bethel worship.

He loves his country Haiti and his family very much. Socially he is very committed and he does a lot of voluntary work.

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