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Finette Pierre Luc implore God's favor for Haiti.

With "LAMANTASYONFinette Pierre implore God's favor for Haiti.

Born on November 29, 1991, this Artibonitian has not ceased to praise God through these . Fifth in a family of seven children, the says she does not inherit a Christian home, but singing has always been her passion since the age of eight. Married since September 1, 2022, Finette PIERRE is a woman filled with love as well as with .

Finette's journey

It would have sufficed to take for example the single “JEZI, DLO KI BAY LAVI A” released in 2016, with which Finette won the hearts of music lovers in the sector. . This theme has caught so much attention, that in 2018 it was the title of the first album of the containing 12 . During the confinement of 2020, she performed a live acoustic concert called “INSTRUMENT AND PRAISE” in order to establish a close relationship with these Christian admirers during covid. In 2021, “VI MWEN NAN MENW”, this title was also a success for the.

Taliana LINDOR, one of the female voices in the sector who has been talking about her since 2017


According to Finette, although the is not a profitable livelihood, she feels the need to work continuously in order to give birth to these divine inspirations. For 2023, “ LAMANTASYON is this title of delight released since last March. The latter is an act of supplication for every Christian seeking God's help in their miseries. Wishing to receive a particular listening, this is the reason why Finette PIERRE invites all believers to meditate on this text which traces the anxieties we face in Haiti. 

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