30th May 2023

Finette Pierre-Luc – Lamantasyon [Audio and lyrics]

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Finette Pierre-Luc: Lamantasyon [Lyric Video].

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Lyrical Video of Contemporary Gospel Music [From Ps. 6:5].-

In the weather, God remains our ultimate recourse for the salvation of people and Christian believers.

Vocal Performance: Finette Pierre-Luc (Remarkable skills!)
Lyrics and Music: Luc Ronel [1st MIC INT'L.]
Orchestration: Charlson “Poppy” Duverné [Canada] & Finette Pierre-Luc Band [Haiti]
Choir Management: Wendy Dens André [WendensProd, Dominican Republic]
Engineering & Mastering: JF Studios & 1st MIC INT'L [USA]

Graphic Works & Lyrical Video: Francky_Graphic [Dominican Republic]
Technical Assistance: Focus Photography [Dominican Republic]
Original Work Protection & Distribution: CD Baby- USA.

Executive Production: 1st MIC INT'L, USA.

(c)Finette Pierre-Luc. All rights reserved. February 2023.-

Feso lwanj with Nael J. Désiré, Romy laguerre, Deborah St-Fort and Nadia Leronne (Audio)

Source: Youtube link of the video

Sean Divine - bay Bondye glwa (video)

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