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Evelyne Baille: a life guided by grace – edifying biography

Evelyne Baille

Born at , Haiti Evelyne made her musical debut around the age of fifteen. First she was a member of the youth choir of the Baptist church ''Le Phare de la cité'', a station of the First Baptist Church of . Shortly after, she joined the Great Church Choir as well as other musical groups such as ''Galed'' and ''Echo du Phare''.

Very active, Evelyne fully and deliberately devoted her time and talent to the service of the church. She has often contributed to the achievement and success of different spiritual and cultural activities in her community. By applying herself to teaching at the Sunday school and at the primary school of the ''Phare de la cite'', Evelyne was able to discover that she possessed both the ability and the passion for teaching.

Toutefois, son aptitude et son amour pour la musique l'ont crayonné sans aucune difficulté, une place au sein de la Chorale internationale, issue de la nationale de musique du Limbé au Cap-Haïtien, Haïti où elle a commencé à prendre des leçons de voix et de piano. Ensuite, Evelyne a continué à parfaire son éducation musicale à l'école de Musique du ‘'Collège bird'' où elle a pris aussi des cours de violon.

Evelyne n'a pas tardé à s'affirmer comme chanteuse professionnelle capable d'utiliser sa voix pour chanter du genre classique ou contemporain. Elle a participé à la Chorale Internationale ‘'Messiah'' () pour la saison de Noel et d'autre part au sein du fameux groupe évangélique haïtien ‘'Zetwal''. Elle a été Co-animatrice de l'émission ‘'Lumière magazine'' sur Radio Lumière, la plus grande station de radio Évangélique d'Haïti.

During this same period, Evelyne offered the public her first album titled: ''Yon Lòt Fwa Ankò''. The success of this production earned her the honor of being included among the most unique female voices in the Haitian evangelical world.

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Elle a aussi reçu plusieurs plaques d'honneur de différentes institutions de renom comme Radio Lumière qui lui a offert le prix de Meilleure Chanteuse Chretienne Haitienne. Elle a reçu un prix de l'Alliance des Musiciens Chretiens pour sa contribution à la and another from the Compagnie Haitienne de Promotion. A prize was awarded to him by the Haitian Christian Stars for his exceptional musical talent and his dedication to the poor.

While at university in Miami Florida, where she now resides, Evelyne took voice lessons and received training in African Percussion at Miami Dade College where she took part in several shows offered by the group. 'African Drum Band''. Always pursuing advanced training, Evelyne was admitted to Florida International University where she became a member of an African club while continuing her studies.

She is also a member of “Three Little Flowers Inc.” (Sant Twa Ti Flè), an organization that supports and encourages education in close collaboration with the Haitian linguist Yves Dejean. Evelyne currently supports a school in Haiti with which a percentage of her production is shared.

As soon as she entered the Miami education system, Evelyne worked with Haitian students to help them develop their self-esteem and teach them how to maintain and preserve their culture of origin, moral values ​​and the importance of quality academic and professional training in a foreign land.

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After having devoted time to sharpening her talents somewhat, perfecting her education and then entering the ministry, Evelyne is happy to present to the satisfaction of the public in general and her fans in particular her second album titled "My Life Has Changed and her “live” album as she prepares for the release of her third music video. Evelyne wrote the lyrics and melody for the title of the album and many more. She sang the music of the soundtrack of the film titled "Blooming Hope" produced by an organization of St Thomas University in Miami in collaboration with Haitians from Port-de-Paix for the production of coffee.

In the meantime, she received and responded to God's call to serve as a cantor in a multicultural church in Miami called the Tabernacle of Glory (TG). Therefore, under the leadership of Reverand , Evelyne not only has been practicing her talent as a singer for about five years, but she also works as the Social Development Coordinator of this church.

Educator, Evelyne proposes to deepen her studies on the social and cultural aspect of the Haitian community and the church in particular. Fashion designer by profession, Evelyne intends to launch her couture line which she believes can serve as models for Christian women in particular. Being a servant of God, her ministry is based on Isaiah 61:1, a biblical passage inspired by God. Live for God and please Him, love life and benefit from it, care for others and help them; this is what summarizes the motive of.


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