8th June 2023

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Evaluation | “Map Briye” by Marc Harry Joseph

The Critics and Appreciations committee of BGospel magazine evaluated the music "Map Briyé" by Marc Harry Joseph and Rosalinda Esmanga.


Marc Harry Joseph and Rosalinda Esmanga are two confirmed talents in the evangelical sector and we congratulate them for this great collaboration.

"Map briye" is a song that testifies to the importance of faith, endurance in trials and the certainty of the Christian to shine. It is not long, and it is a beautiful text.

Gold is an appropriate metaphor to describe the qualities of a servant or servant of God. Cheer !

We would like to commend the work of the company that produced this video, we agree that the images are of good quality overall.


We noticed some differences in the mix, it depends on the device you use to listen to the music. In some cases, the emphasis on bass and drums limited the enjoyment of the music.

Evaluation | Ekstaz by Marthe Abel

There seems to be a word-wise lack of synchronization between Marc and Rosalinda, especially in the first part of their duet. Again, maybe a mixing problem or a conductor problem.

If we compare gold and light, we should definitely say that gold cannot enlighten. However, the light, yes, however, there is not really a scene which testifies to it. The fact of seeing the faces of the artists clearly is not synonymous with shining, we hope.

Moreover, the text does not define how to shine, which makes it incomplete. A few lines on this subject would have been perfect to embrace the educational role that music should have in a community.

Gospel Saphir Ministry's "wap renye" ​​rating


We encourage songwriters to include possible solutions and recommendations in their text, as recommended in the Bible.

When a Christian shines, it is for the purpose of impacting people in the dark. This is why it would have been favorable to include a scene showing the impact of light. It is highly recommended to have scenes that convey the main idea.

It is very important to turn to the advice of Christian professionals, because an evangelistic video is above all a tool for 'enhancement' evangelism.

The committee noted points for improvement, particularly in terms of mixing, scenarios and the integration of recommendations or examples for better texts. To sing is to evangelize, it is also to educate.

Authors of the evaluation

Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
Jocelyn Little Brother
Pastor Davidson Beauvil
Joseph the Baptist

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