8th June 2023

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Evaluation | “Sikonstans Yo” by Nicky Christ

BGospel magazine's Reviews and Appreciations committee appreciated the music " Sikonstans yo by Nicky Christ.


Christ-la Nicolas Cemé, his artist name Nicky Christ, is one of the authors who has always been able to provide texts that not only respect the standard of musical composition, but which have content. It is a reference in this field.

« Sikonstans yo » is a text sung on a melody of recognition and built on a very well adapted orchestration presenting a Nicky Christ under another register. Cheer !


Yes, it's beautiful music, but why did you call it " Sikonstans yo » ?  Pierre avait renié Jesus après avoir déclaré que les circonstances ne pourront rien changer. (Luc 22 versets 31-34). « Sikonstans yo pap fè m chanje, ni tantasyon pap fèm devye ». Certaines paroles ne devrait-elles pas rester exclusivement des prières personnelles?

Assessment | Alelouya with the DEG choir

Regarding the video, the scenario and the decor were not very relevant. Yes, the extras played their role well, but did the conductor get advice from a decoration specialist? We believe that there is a link to be established between the type of music, the decor and the clothing of the actors. It would have been interesting for scenes to support the statements of the verses of the text.


Finding a title that faithfully reflects the central idea of ​​a text can sometimes be difficult, especially when the goal is to glorify God.

For music that aspires to elevate God, a good technique would be to ask a question containing the pronoun "Who" to find the one for whom the Glory is intended in the text. Examples : " Wap renye“, the question is, WHO reigns? God. " Alelouya " whose ? Farewell. A final example, way maker » from the artist Sinach, WHO is the way maker? God.

Evaluation "Padon" by Sylvio Milfort

Artists and bands are advised to always consult with a Christian professional, scriptwriter or stylist.

The video is a tool of evangelization and those who do not know God will be mainly attracted first by the quality of images before being interested in the message.

The points to improve, it is especially the video, the mixing and the choice of the title which should be done with more attention and with the aim of glorifying God instead of me.



Authors of the evaluation

Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
Pastor Davidson Beauvil
Joseph the Baptist

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