8th June 2023

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Evaluation | Sa ou ye pou mwen by Jahleel Lincifort

The Critics and Appreciations committee of BGospel magazine evaluated the music "Sa ou ye pou mwen" by Jahleel Lincifort.

Our assessments

Jahleel is an emerging artist from the evangelical community whose works should be followed. "Sa ou ye pou mwen" is a melodious composition and the artist knew how to render it with his voice.

Jahleel had a great choice when it came to the Afro beat, which is simple, trendy and catchy. 

our critics

In Exodus 34:14 it is written, “Thou shalt not worship other gods, for the Lord is a jealous God. » 

In the description of the YouTube channel, the artist says this: "afrosound to enjoy in wedding and good time" and his first sentence begins with a word that leaves you in trouble? he says " Jezi or "Baby"?

However, later in the text, it is a question of “min enlè, jenou atè”, it is a question of “infinite fat”. “pa inkiete m de sa map ye demin”, “benediksyon w kouvri mwen”. “lè sintespriw desann mwen jwenn bold infinite”. So many contradictions made us wonder if the artist was really singing for God?

Evaluation | "Map Briye" by Marc Harry Joseph

The scripts don't seem to have much religious content, given that the music is for "a wedding and good times". The images reinforce the doubt as to whether this music is actually aimed goodbye. At times, the scenario that follows the sentence “Sa ou ye pou mwen” is the image of a woman. We saw two people, on a beach, walking away to go swimming together, which appeared to be a romantic activity.

Based on the passages in the text that mention "infinite grace" and "blessings", we could say that the video does not fit the context. But, taking into account the description which speaks of “marriage and good times”, one should wonder if a Christian can sing such words for a woman. So much confusion and uncertainty. 

Evaluation of "Jezi'w se" sung by Manoucheka Equality

Our recommendations

It is inconceivable to dedicate music goodbye and simultaneously to another person. Worshiping God does not fall within the definition of a universal text.

We always insist that you should seek the advice of Christian experts, because a gospel video is first and foremost an evangelistic tool.

A Christian artist must affirm his faith in God in everything he does. 

In addition, it is recommended to always seek advice from your pastor or a theologian to avoid making mistakes out of ignorance.

The simple realization of a beautiful work is not enough for a Christian artist.

Authors of the evaluation

Jocelyn Little Brother
Mathurin Blaise
Reginald Joseph
Jose Bauttista

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