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“Padon” evaluation by Sylvio Milfort

Le du magazine BGospel a évalué la musique de Sylvio Milfort « Padon ».


Sylvio Milfort is the producer, rapper, composer and beat maker from .

The scenario translates what the text says, and one could easily have understood the subject by looking at the images without even listening to the words. Also, the body expressions of the two actors in the video are appropriate. Cheer !

We appreciated the periodic harmonization sequences in the chorus.

Sylvio played his role well in the video by avoiding looking at the camera too often since the text is indeed addressed to God. Well done !


Our evaluators noted some inaccuracies despite the “autotune or metatune” vocal effect used. Therefore, the committee cannot properly assess the artist's vocal abilities and originality.

Morel - It's you (cover)

Il y a également un manque de synchronisation au niveau du mixage qui pourrait être à l'origine d'un inconfort sonore en écoutant la musique, ce qui peut également être la cause de plusieurs autres problèmes entre la voix et les instruments.

At the video level, the quality is poor, lack of lighting, the shooting location was not properly prepared, in other words, the video is not professional and it is not the type of to encourage in the sector.


We know full well that in the middle , there is huge problem of financing, which affects the quality of the products, however the quality must always be a priority, it must be non-negotiable, since each video is a tool for.

Rating "Mwen resevwa-l" sung by Tami Haiti

We encourage producers to unite and collaborate with each other in order to overcome certain technical shortcomings.

Let's avoid making videos if at the end, it is not of standard or superior quality. It is better to have one high quality video than 10 low quality videos.

Areas for improvement according to the committee are; work on the voice in order to fill in the weaknesses of accuracy. The quality of the video to work seriously, the failures in the mix are to be avoided.


Authors of the evaluation

Samuel Cedme
Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
José Bautista

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Samuel Cedme Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus José BautistaEvaluation "Padon" by Sylvio Milfort
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