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Evaluation “Mwen resevwa'l” sung by Tami Haiti

Le from BGospel magazine rated the music of "Mwen resevwa'l".


“Mwen resevwa'l” is music that invites Christians to experience the Faith. The main idea of ​​the text is to believe that what we ask of God, we have already received. Which is biblical (Matthew 21:22). Well done !

The verses of this song describe an unchanging God, a , a faithful God. Which glorifies God, as the word teaches us.

The orchestration is quite original. The arrangements are excellent. Cheer !

The format chosen for the video is simple and the images are magnificent overall.

The committee's remarks are mainly at the level of of Tami and certain omissions in the video.


Is it the mixing or is it because Tami needs to keep renewing herself? We feel a lack of vocal presence and an absence of vibes in the voice. It's as if the voice didn't follow the level of orchestration offered by the music.

is a very smiling person, however, for some, she was not very convincing. Maybe a matter of religious affiliation.

The video could have had images adapted to the chorus for better context.

Why a stage with a piano without a musician, what is the added value?


The format of the video is well chosen, however, for this kind of subject, we could have had a scene of prayer, of meditation on the word since faith grows when we remain in the presence of God.

Nous savons that is able to do better. We encourage the artist to renew his vocal technique and his scenic attitude. The power of the spoken word also translates through expression.

In conclusion, the committee believes that the adjustments to be made are minor, but necessary. More proper scenes. Reinforcement and renewal in vocal techniques for a better presence depending on the level of orchestration.

Authors of the evaluation

Samuel Cedme
Lionel Marcellus, Platform more
José Bautista

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Samuel Cedme Lionel Marcellus, Platform more José BautistaEvaluation "Mwen resevwa'l" sung by Tami Haiti
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