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Evaluation “Map triyonfe” by Rolande Louis

Le comite Critiques et Appréciations du magazine BGospel a évalué la musique « Map triyonfe » de .


"Map triyonfe" is music that inspires unshakable faith, blind trust in a God who keeps his promise, music of victory.

Etienne, as the author and composer of this music, has done an excellent job, the orchestration meets the essential need of the music. The composition is simple and the melodic line is largely original.

The text is in alignment with biblical references such as: numbers 23 verse 19 and psalm 33 verse 9. , Cheer!


In this video, we saw a lack of creativity in the scenarios. So many powerful words that should have been adapted to explain them.

Mis à part quelques faiblesses au niveau du mixage, de la synchronisation d'images et aussi au niveau de la mélodie, le comité estime qu'il n'était pas nécessaire d'avoir autant de figurants sans un rôle précis dans la vidéo. En particulier, il a été précisé que la chorale a été faite par deux personnes.

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L'auteur dit que « Sa pou m ye a, mwen sa deja », mais il ne donne aucune parole qui démontre que le chrétien a quelque chose à faire pour atteindre ce point d'excellence. C'est comme si un chrétien n'a rien à faire et n'a qu'à attendre parce que Dieu a promis et il tiendra sa promesse ?


A video is above all a means of evangelising, through the quality of image and sound, hence the need to have a good script. It is recommended to avoid adding people who play no role, unless the scenario explicitly shows that these people are spectators in a room, and are not next to or behind the artist.

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The promises of God are accompanied by an action on our part, it is very important that songwriters can integrate the action side into their text.

As we read in Genesis 3:19, "By the sweat of your face you will eat bread, until you return to the earth." Taking into account our cultural reality, we must ensure that our fans integrate into their way of thinking that the Christian must act to succeed.

The improvements proposed by the committee relate to the integration of action in the texts and scenarios adapted to the key messages of the song.

Authors of the evaluation

Reginald Joseph
Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
José Bautista

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