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Evaluation “Wi mwen kwè” sung by Gaetan Lafontant

Le from BGospel magazine evaluated the music of Gaëtan Lafontant “wi mwen kwè”.


The music is an interpretation of  released in May 2021, titled “Too Good to Not Believe.”
, the reproduction is good. Good orchestration, simple vocal arrangements, but pleasant to the ear. The musicians added some touches which were quite original. Well done !

Gaëtan Lafontant is a young singer, his voice is fair and harmonious. A potential asset.

The committee's reservations concern more the added value and the attitude of the extras in the video.


The video probably does not contain a script with contextualized lyrics. The design is not very creative. The shortcomings are in the lighting, the layout, the presentation and the behavior of the extras.

The energy that Gaëtan releases is completely opposite to the attitude of the singers who sing the same refrain.

Overall, we didn't get the sense that the extras in the video showed any expression of belief in what they sing if at all very little.

The original title "too good to not believe" contains a call to curiosity. It is also, by far, more captivating than " Wi mwen kwè which goes directly to the conclusion of the idea. It would have been better to keep the original title. Why not " twò bon poum pa ta kwè as you sang it?


Gaëtan Lafontant, you have talent, however, you must seek to put around you people who can help you channel this energy that you release in the right way.

Don't choose your extras out of friendship, choose them based on the desired result for each project. A video is a tool for.

Ensure that the scenario is validated taking into account the words of the text with two or three professionals in the field. There is a big difference between making a video at a concert, in a rehearsal room, in a prayer room and making a standard video. At each place, a scenario, a decor, an outfit, a make-up, a lighting etc.

According to the committee, it is necessary to improve the attitude of the artist and the choristers, to ensure a good synchronization. For a future video, the emphasis should be on the script, which must necessarily put the lyrics into context.

Authors of the evaluation

Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
Pastor David Beauvil
Samuel Cedme

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Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus Pastor David Beauvil Samuel CedmeEvaluation "Wi mwen kwè" sung by Gaetan Lafontant
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