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Evaluation of “Yahweh” sung by Taliana Lindor

Le from the magazine assessed the « "To Taliana Lindor.


« Yahweh » is a superb from the young Haitian label RMP, sung by the , one of the confirmed female voices in the sector Haitian.

Arrangement high level reinforced by the by Johnson Saint Cyr, professional bassist, who knew how to bring a unique touch to the . Cheer !

A beautiful video that reminded us how extraordinary God is. The video highlights a towards God for his creation, nature, animals and its diversity.

A chorus that captures attention with an easy-to-remember phrase: "Ooooo ooooo mwn rekonesan”.

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The committee's remarks are mainly at the level of the text and a lack of link with the scenarios of the video.


«  mwen rekonesan”. On closer inspection, the video paints a to God via nature, while, the sing a in connection with his opulent life. Which doesn't seem to be the same.

The first verse speaks of great wealth, of extreme abundance of material goods (such is Larousse's definition of the word: Opulent), while the second verse would suppose a radical change of life from: "without plan, without balance sheet", towards an extraordinary life. Wouldn't it be preferable to sing the 2ᵉ stanza first?

If the text was in the second person singular, the title”  " will be perfect. But, the text is in the first person, which suggests that the ideal title might be “mwen rekonesan”.

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There is no doubt that this is a good quality video with a confident and in top form.

Pay attention to word choices. We can thank God for his multiple graces without using certain words which, by definition, convey an attitude of “have you seen me”. Poetry centered on is a marvel.

Our suggestion would be to ensure that the table described in the video is in perfect harmony with the main part of the text.

Authors of the evaluation

Samuel Cedme
Reginald Joseph
Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus
José Bautista

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Samuel Cedme Reginald Joseph Lionel Marcellus, Platform Plus José BautistaEvaluation of “Yahweh” sung by Taliana Lindor
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